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Bear Tattoos: Meaning and History


When I see a man with a tattoo depicting a bear, I immediately see a strong but dangerous person. Aggressive for enemies and detractors, but kind and caring with loved ones. Such conclusions are not surprising if you know the value of such a tattoo. Consider what the image of the forest beast on the body means, and how it can affect the fate and character.

The value of a tattoo with a bear

Depending on how exactly the predator is depicted on the body, the significance of the tattoo differs. Consider the examples with decoding.

Important: the more realistic the image of the beast, the stronger it will affect the life, character and behavior of a person. What symbolize tattoos with a bear:

  1. The white polar bear is a symbol of solitude. But not that which brings sadness, but joyful, filled with happiness. This is the personification of courage, a positive attitude towards life, dedication, ability to solve any problems, despite the difficulties and obstacles.
  2. Bear-grizzly, depicted on the body, makes a person more resolute, able to withstand threats and dangers. These qualities are especially significant for men, but women are not recommended to do such a tattoo, so as not to lose softness and femininity.
  3. The stormy bear, which is in a relaxed state - resting in a clearing or near a lake, basking in the sun, can calm and calm even the most hot-tempered person. Such a tattoo is the personification of wisdom, calmness, the ability to compromise, and not to break walls.
  4. The animal grin symbolizes courage and courage, the ability to resist dangerous enemies. This tattoo has a great energy meaning. It sets a protective barrier for its owner, makes the owner of the tattoo more daring, calculating, brave.
  5. The roaring bear is a symbol of aggression, anger, unstoppable passion and rage. With such a tattoo you need to be very careful. If the listed qualities are already peculiar to a person, it is worthwhile to dwell on a quieter version for body decoration.
  6. A panda or koala is a “feminine” version that seems too soft to men. Such images symbolize good nature, an optimistic attitude to everything that happens in life.
  7. The clawed paw of the beast is a sign of the power and magical power of its owner. In ancient times, this symbol testified to the high nobility and unsurpassed military skills.
  8. Bear, especially with cubs - a sign of motherhood and fertility. Grounds, soothes, gives abundance and prosperity in all spheres of human life.
  9. It is important: to put a tattoo depicting a fierce forest animal is best on the upper body, mainly on the chest, back or shoulders. Then the tattoo will not just be a decoration, but will affect your life.

In fact, it is not such an aggressive sign, as is commonly believed, a bear is not only a strong and formidable beast, but also a clever one, caring for offspring and kind. If you do not attack him.

The story of the bear sign

All of the above values ​​are the conclusions of our ancestors based on their cultural and religious traditions. The image of a bear has always been shrouded in many legends and myths, and every nation endowed it with its own, unique symbolism.

For example:

  1. The Chinese consider the bear to be the personification of masculinity, masculinity and strength.
  2. The Japanese idolize him, as the beast is very fair, wise. For them, it is a symbol of good deeds and great patience for the actions of others.
  3. The Celts, unlike the Chinese, believed that the bear is a symbol of the beginning of the feminine, motherhood and fertility. Going to the military campaigns, they put the image of the beast on their weapons and clothing, to enlist the invisible support of the clan on the female line.
  4. The natives of America believed that bears were very kind and friendly. They believed that this animal was capable of influencing the weather, so they turned to its spirits when they wanted to rain and stop drought.
  5. In ancient Egypt, the bear symbolized power; therefore, pharaohs and people who held the highest positions in the state wore tattoos depicting the beast.
  6. The Romans and Greeks in their myths made the bear the beast that always accompanied the warlike goddess of fertility and hunting.
  7. But everyone who honors the Koran, consider the ferocious beast the personification of evil, the darkest magic, as well as anger, aggression, cruelty.
  8. In our country, the bears are respected, there are many legends, traditions and tales in which the beast plays the role of the protagonist. He is a model of a brave hunter, a brave warrior.

Prison transcript

Surely you have heard that any tattoos that prisoners make on the body are not just images for beauty. Tattoos indicate the status and criminal "profession" of their owners.

And the bear is no exception. He points out that the owner of the tattoo was engaged in or engaged in the opening of safes, the so-called "bear cub". In the criminal environment, such people enjoy great prestige and respect.

Also, a tattoo means that the person’s motto is for life: "I take what I want and how much I want." It is a symbol of aggression, power, fierce and tough character.

Choosing a place for a tattoo

Where to put a tattoo? The choice of location on the body depends on the size of the intended image and your personal desires. Men most often prefer to stuff the beast on their shoulders, chest or back. This applies to voluminous, artistic drawings.

Girls prefer hands or feet, which are painted with cute pandas or little bears. It can be cartoon characters familiar to everyone from childhood: Teddy, Winnie the Pooh, for example.