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The passion of avarice: the desire to have more and more money


Avarice is the 3rd of 8 basic passions, which manifests itself as an insatiable increase in wealth. The virtue opposite to avarice is non-possession.

Under the influence of the love of money, a person violates the second commandment of God, becomes an idolater, begins to honor the "Golden Calf", that is, wealth. The main varieties of avarice are the following: greed (the desire to possess something) and avarice (the desire to save). Greed is trying to seize someone else, and stinginess is afraid to share theirs.

The passion of avarice parasitizes uncertainty about the future (the need to feel safe) and pride (the need to recognize others, respect).

Avarice: what is this sin

The love of money is the passion of the soul to have finances and material assets more than a person needs under certain conditions. For example, a person has a large family and seeks to build a house for her, earning money from him. Will it be avarice? Not.

And the other person lives by himself, without family and children, but wants to have a 5-room apartment and tries to earn money on it. Will it be avarice? Yes, definitely.

The tendency of people towards avarice in general is natural. The desire to get food for themselves, to support their family and children, to buy housing and other necessary things pushes people to look for earnings, a stable source of income. In itself, this would not be reprehensible if it is within acceptable limits.

For example, if you need something in a specific period of time and save up for it, you earn, even having several jobs at once - this is not a sin and not reprehensible.

But how to set a measure? A measure is all that is enough for a person’s life, gives him the opportunity to live without harming his life, rendering assistance to those who need it, but without the excesses that damage the soul.

If a person has a high income, but before going to sleep, his thoughts are not occupied with money, can one call him money-loving? Absolutely not. And if he even lives in modest conditions, but every night before going to sleep he dreams about a bag of money, is he a money lover? Of course. Therefore, the degree of income of a person is completely unimportant: the rich may not be a silverfin, calmly accept money, and a beggar can be thoroughly imbued with this passion for lust for money.

In order to live a calm and harmonious life, you should always observe the following important patristic rule: "Let your own need for something be a measure of acquisition for you." On this also emphasizes the venerable God-bearing father Ephraim the Syrian.

By nature, man is not peculiar to avarice

The clergy say that the passion of avarice, unlike other types of passions, is alien to human nature and not peculiar to it. And this is of great importance, because since this passion is not rooted in human nature, it means that it will not be so difficult to defeat it if you wish.

Other kinds of passions are laid in the very human beginning. For example, if we talk about fornication. It is connected with the fact that each of us has a physical body (flesh), the reproduction instinct is laid in us, and various hormonal changes occur regularly in our body. The passion of gluttony is connected with the fact that we are forced to eat food in order to live, it is vitally necessary for us.

And such a pathology as the love of money wakes up in a person later than all the others and begins to be implanted from outside into the human soul. That is, its root is not in the person himself. But therefore to win and spew it much easier.

But if a person neglects this passion once, puts it into his heart, then he runs the risk of becoming the most disastrous and getting rid of it will be the most difficult, because then she begins to excite other passions.

The passion for finances is unnatural for human nature and the urge towards it is not due to our nature, but to its perverse arbitrariness.

Avarice cannot be satiated

In fact, the main danger of the love of money is that this passion cannot be fully saturated, unlike other passions. For example, if a person suffers from the passion of gluttony and consumes a large amount of food, but in the end, there is still some kind of limit - the volume of his stomach, the amount of food on the table, stocks in the refrigerator, and so on. At some point he stops anyway.

Likewise, the prodigal passion cannot endlessly be realized, because it also depends on the physical resources of the body. If a person is subject to the passion of anger and can suddenly flare up, all the same, at some point his nervous energy will be exhausted - as physiologists and doctors claim with the expenditure of the necessary amount of adenosine triphosphate. It burns and the person is no longer able to be angry anymore, even if he tries or wants to continue to do so.

But the situation changes drastically when we talk about the passion of avarice. After all, the more a person buys - the more stingy he becomes and the more he wants to have. Perhaps you would think that a millionaire is wasting money right and left? Absolutely not, rich people are often willing to give up for a penny.

Avarice is the sister of greed and even more its Siamese twin. They are always inextricably linked.

Priests have their experience in this matter. When the sisters of mercy go to examine patients, they often notice that the more money and opportunity a person has, the more he tries to calculate every penny, just to not convey the excess. And the proverb is very popular among them: "I am therefore rich because I pay where I have to pay and I don’t cry where I can not pay" ...

The main danger of the love of avarice lies in the fact that it absolutely can not be tamed. The more a person gets finances, so everything seems to him a little. This, by the way, is the first distinguishing feature of avarice passion - the desire to have more money, at least for a little bit. This testifies to the entry of passion into your heart. It is important to detect this bad tendency in time and immediately begin to stop the development of passion.

The love of money fuels and makes other kinds of passions stronger.

The passion of avarice has a very close relationship with its "tribeswoman". Everything is explained quite simply: you, for example, love tasty food without slowing down your appetite, so you need to earn more money.

Experiencing a feeling of envy about the appearance, clothing or well-being of others - then you need money to be on the same level with them.

You wish to attain worldly glory — you need to attain a position, to occupy a solid post, which will provide appropriate financial opportunities and honor.

Therefore, if you can find the root of the problem of avarice in your soul, then you will get rid of seedlings and other passions. That is why the Rev. Neil Sinaisky says that: "He who wants to cope with all passions, must first eliminate their true root; but until avarice remains, you will not be able to achieve a positive result, as the branches, those cut off will start to grow back right away. "

It becomes clear how terrible passion is love of money. It can completely cloud the mind of a person, make him think only about money, completely ignoring the other joys of life.

It is sad to realize that today, avarice overwhelms more and more people, making them slaves to material goods and values. The only thing that can be done is to fight this heavy passion, removing it from your life and from the life of your neighbors.

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