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Horoscope for Capricornus for October 2018: an interesting, but difficult time


The horoscope for October 2018 for Capricorn speaks of the onset of a rather difficult, but interesting time, when a representative of this sign gathers strength and begins to assert his own game strategy in life. Make it will not be easy, but quite real.

Why prepare for Capricorn in the middle of autumn

Astrology experts indicate that Capricorns in October 2018 will begin to reap the fruits of their past efforts. They will receive well-deserved compensation for all their losses in the past, expressed in the form of success, recognition, profit. However, this does not exclude the deterioration of certain life situations.

Capricorns in October will ask questions of life and death, as well as eternal truths. They will also begin to overestimate habitual values.

In general, the second month of autumn does not promise anything supernatural: you will do your everyday business, occasionally meeting friends and eliminating frivolous respiratory diseases. The main part of positive emotions will be caused by the activity you love.

Features of the impact of stars and planets on you

The position of the stars in the sky during this period of time suggests that for Capricorns there comes a calm and steady time, when there will be some reduction in the pace of life and the construction of plans for the future. All your undertakings during this time period are supported by your powerful guardian, Saturn, who represents the traditional leader of your sign.

As for the other planets, they will not show much interest in you now. The only Venus will start from time to time to influence Capricorn, wishing to diversify the sensual sphere of his life. And she (as well as the second half of this sign) will be completely able to cope with the task.

Saturn, who is your regular teacher, inspires you to be yourself and not bend in front of your surroundings or circumstances. This is the whole line of your behavior. From time to time various small difficulties will begin to arise, which should be met with the head held high.

At times, a smile from the face of Capricorn will erase the actions of the pest planet. They will be nimble in October, Mercury. A serious antagonist will suddenly decide to upset the condition of the Capricorns financial sphere, to which he will zealously oppose. Fortunately, Capricorn has enough wisdom and foresight to cope with these attacks and keep its financial situation in good shape.

Characteristics of Capricorn's personal life

The love front of Capricorn people now promises to be peaceful, harmonious and calm. If you are in a relationship with a bright personality who is seduced by the world of passions, then at some period of time it can begin to be the monotony of your being together. This motivates you to think about romance, to remember your knowledge in this matter, and then begin to apply them practically.

As for the search for new love for Capricorn singles, it will be difficult to call them too agile. Small chances of starting a stormy romance, but a high probability of finding a permanent Internet interlocutor, and even none. In the process of communicating with one of them, you will want to make your communication from virtual real.

Description of the health of Capricorns

In mid-autumn, it is important for Capricorn to continue to adhere to proper nutrition, as the condition of his stomach is very vulnerable. If you also constantly drink some medications, in particular, weight loss or antibacterial drugs - pay attention to the balanced work of the gastrointestinal tract.

With regards to cosmetic procedures, they are not very much shown now, because their action will greatly delay in time, plus you will not be satisfied with the final result. If there is still an obsessive desire to change something in your image - limit yourself to changing your hairstyle.

What will be the monetary area of ​​life in October?

At this time, Capricorn may not worry about their financial positions, because they will be quite stable. You will constantly receive financial resources, plus their amount will begin to increase markedly.

Therefore, we can talk about growth in material terms, but you will need to save money, since a lot of money will go to different things. And there are in mind quite large things, not trifles. Only later will you allow yourself significant expenses and buy everything that you have needed for a long time.

When planning your budget, you should consider the fact that it is possible to delay the expected payments. In this regard, it is necessary to show forethought and stock up some amount for this occasion - that is, to make a nest egg.

There is still such a moment that many Capricorns in October 2018 will be forced to pay off their debts and, as a result, will spend almost everything they could earn.

What will be the business area of ​​life

Horoscope promises Capricorn success in his career in the month of October. Work will be more than enough, but it will pay off a decent income. But, everything comes to you for a reason, and for your efforts - as if you are standing on a big arena and the battle for the main prize is just beginning. However, with each new step, the victory is getting closer and closer to you, and the competitors are far behind.

In the middle of autumn Capricorns may complicate relations with someone from friends or high-ranking persons. Probably, there are due to unsolved financial affairs. Conflict situations on this issue will arise in the period from October 8 to October 18, and you will be required to carefully analyze the situation, think about your positions and influence your opponents. It may still have to make some concessions.

Capricorns subordinates should be more sensitive about their superiors, as they may suffer from the inherent rigidity and stubbornness. Learn to listen and hear other people - this skill will benefit you.

Recommendations from astrologers for October

  • In the period from the first to the seventh, focus on movement. Now you are shown hiking, traveling on vacation or buying a car - in general, everything related to the topic of transport and travel.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth - listen to your inner voice less now, or rather ask for help from other people, because from them you can get the right solution to your problem.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty-second number - do not bury your talent in the ground. Show it to other people as often as possible to get their recognition. During this time you can invite guests and organize a celebration at home.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirty-first day - you should not borrow money, get loans or get involved in risky investments, as you risk losing your savings and end up in a debt hole.

Now you know how October should pass for you. Be sure to follow the advice of astrologers, and also take into account the peculiarities of the influence of the planets on you in the next thirty calendar days.

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