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Sector and the direction of the world on Feng Shui: the northeast, southwest and others


The practical philosophy of Feng Shui involves the creation of harmony around himself in everything. It is possible to intensify your vital energy Qi using the directions of the world (north, south, east, west), the compass and the Ba Gua matrix.

general information

Scientific evidence of the effectiveness of this practice does not exist, and in academic circles it is considered to be pseudoscience. But many people remember these Eastern principles when it comes to important life aspects: laying the foundation for the future home, organizing and promoting business, wedding and the birth of children.

The popularity of Taoist philosophy to improve their own space has led to the fact that the basic principles and rules of Feng Shui have become more adapted and understandable for a simple Russian man in the street.

The power of the matrix Ba Gua

The basic idea: to activate the flow of good creative energy around you. To do this, it is proposed to divide the basic life values ​​of a person into nine zones: love, career, wealth, family, children, health, travel, fame, knowledge.

Each of these life aspects corresponds to a particular direction of the compass (side of the world). To succeed in any area of ​​life helps knowledge of how to activate the desired sector.

Basic Sector Definitions

  • The North is the life purpose of a person, his special way, self-realization.

This party is responsible for everything related to career and personal growth. The ruling element is water. Favorable light range of this sector: black, the color of wet asphalt, pale blue, dark blue;

  • South - maintaining personal self-esteem, self-reliance and recognition of success and influence in society.

The southern side will be especially interested in vain and moderately proud people who have a high bar and far-reaching plans in achieving their goals. Flaming red will help make the universe think about your intentions. The natural element of the south is fire;

  • East - family values ​​can be brought to a new higher level, activating this direction. Establishing relationships between different generations of children and parents, making friends with the warring and offended relatives, creating the atmosphere of kindness, love and devotion in the family will help correct the design of the eastern part of space.

This sector is subject to the natural elements of the forest, taiga. The main element of the zone is a tree. The most benevolent color is green and all its shades. In this zone, you can feel the freshness of the winter garden or the richness of young spring grass. Everything will mark the creative process;

  • The West is responsible for the creative potential of the individual, and also applies to everything related to children (present, future, alien or adoptive). The natural element of the west side is metal.

Features of happy colors associated with rich white, silver, metallic shade, as well as golden tones. The revitalization of the western part of the world gives the individual hope for the continuation of the species, for finding an heir.

And to those who are connected with the creative profession, requiring tremendous emotional stress, this equipped sector promises a lot of positive moments from its own revealed talent.

Some sectors (Wealth, Love, Wisdom, Travel) take place between the main parts of the world.

  • Southeast - is responsible for financial stability, wealth and abundance of money. Those who seek to take a leading position, gain a foothold in their dominance in the social environment, should also carefully take up this trend. After all, it is with a high level of income comes power and influence in society.

This direction also supports the element - a tree and the appearance in this side of green shades will affect the growth of human well-being. But as the tree loves a lot of moisture, the accompanying element of this sector will be water in the form of a beautiful and clean vessel with ornamental fish, an aquarium. But in no case should there be a current crane in this zone, which, on the contrary, foreshadows losses and damages.

  • Southwest - promotes love and the creation of a marriage union. This is the terrestrial sector, as its natural element is land. The color scheme that opens the corridor for Qi energy may be earthy shades, but not necessarily. This zone is maintained and thrives in the pink, scarlet and tomato spectrum of colors.

Special attention will be paid to this side of the matrix, people who are single or free, those who seek their love or want to strengthen relationships. Girls who are languishing in anticipation of a proposal from their beloved, should especially seriously study the detailed topics of this zone and take time to clean the space.

Any symbolism of love is appropriate, things should exclude a reminder of past love failures. It is necessary to keep here paired items, excluding a hint of false independence, feminism, love for retreat. Male and female energy in this sector should be an equal amount;

  • Northeast - this direction helps to store and increase the amount of knowledge and wisdom. Someone in this sector will help to come to enlightenment, insight, deep prudence.

Having worked with this zone, you can be inspired by new ideas, searching for other ways of personal development, gaining skills to work in a new field of activity. And for some, it may be an opportunity to pass on their unique experience and knowledge to a prospective student. Only a wise person is able to understand how free he is to get everything he wants;

  • Northwest - the direction has a two-digit value, on the one hand, is responsible for assistants, and on the other, for successful trips and travels. The natural element is metal. The color that causes positive activity in this direction is ashy white, metallic, silver, as well as shades of golden and emerald white.

Competent work with this sector will help the owner to find support at the most unexpected moment, help may come from someone you did not count on. For this, it is important that this area be filled with photographs or portraits of people you respect, whose authority has long been indisputable for you.

Dreamed of going on vacation, you need to visualize your desire in the north-west of the space that constantly surrounds you. The brighter and more real for you this picture, the faster you bring the moment of departure to a distant country;

  • The center of the matrix Ba Gua refers to health. The philosophy of Feng Shui attaches great importance to personal well-being. After all, the desire to change all other spectra of their own lives for the better depends on having good health.

An important natural element of this direction is land. Its presence can be expressed in shades of terracotta (brown with an element of red). But since the center is directly related to each sector, the variety of colors is not limited here.

For aspiring people, they vigorously and look good, change their shape, find motivation for playing sports, it is recommended to place a bowl of fruit in the center, a jug of clean drinking water, hang a beautiful crystal chandelier illuminating a large space.

This Eastern philosophy is very fascinating, but you need to follow the principles: cleanliness, naturalness, harmony, measure and non-congestion of sectors. You should enjoy and enjoy your transformations, and not stumble all the time on an unnecessary item, thinking when magic will work.

Practical tips for enhancing aspects of life

First you need to decide on the space that you plan to improve. You can start with the smallest, with the improvement of their workplace. If you are dreaming of big changes, engage in the arrangement of the office or apartment.

  1. The first stage is drawing up a room layout and general cleaning of rooms. Getting rid of excess things, dust and dirt is one of the most important conditions for accepting flows of free and positive energy.
  2. Divide the schematic drawing into a matrix consisting of nine squares of equal size. Do not rush to sign zones of squares, as you first need to determine the cardinal points, and for this you will need a compass.
  3. Stand in the middle of your office or home and compute north, south, east, and west. Fix directions according to your plan. You can combine compass values ​​with a scheme by drawing cross-section vectors (the same as on the device).
  4. Determine the exact directions (southwest, southeast, northwest, northeast) between the main parts of the world and also reflect on the plan. After that, you can safely sign the sector, identifying them with zones of real space.
  5. Having defined the zones, one can understand what is missing or what is destroying the vital flows of Qi in this room. To make it clear, sign with a pencil the possible options for changes for each room, in accordance with the definitions that were described earlier.
  6. The space should not be overloaded with symbolic figurines, figurines, pictures. It should be functionally convenient and enjoyable for your contemplation.
  7. After making changes, you must carefully maintain the existing order. If you put a tree in a family or wealth zone, you need to carefully care for it and water it. Dry leaves or dead roots will bring the destructive energy of Shi, impeding your well-being and family idyll.
  8. Enjoy information about those objects that activate a particular sector. For example, if you lack the fame or recognition of your talent and experience by your colleagues, it is not necessary for this to post all your awards and diplomas to the Glory sector. It is enough to place a cone-shaped pyramid on the desktop. After all, it is triangular objects that personify fire (the symbol of the zone), the desire to strive upwards and not stop at what has been achieved. And the pencil next to it will be a symbol of the tree that feeds your fire. And then you will constantly be fed with new ideas and goals that lead to success.