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What is home in astrology and how important they are


Ever since the days of ancient Babylon, human life has been divided into different areas. The asterisks of antiquity believed that our life road is represented by many varieties of actions and emotions, labor, ambition, hopes, dreams and relationships.

In total, the Babylonian astrologers identified 12 areas of life, which have come down to our days in their original form. What is home in astrology and their meaning is what we'll talk about in this article.

Characteristic of 12 houses in the natal chart

The personal horoscope, which is a card of your personality, is formed by 12 houses. Then we will deal with all the houses with their value in more detail.

1st house. It is the abode of your personality, the most individual and significant. He will tell about all personal characteristics of an individual - his behavior, style of clothes, features of character with temperament. Also in this house is the area of ​​external behavior, likes and dislikes.

For the first house, it’s realistic to understand how a person demonstrates himself to other people and how others perceive it. It may also be called the home of personal hobbies - it is he who establishes what the individual wants to achieve from life and with what actions he will be able to achieve this.

2nd house. Responsible for finances with property. The house has a connection with the fact that it is in the area of ​​possession of a person, with acquisitions, is responsible for the level of income and financial condition. This is a house that includes movable property, the details that a person carries with them.

He will also tell about how a person manages finances, his own property, what things he seeks to surround himself with.

3rd house. Responsible for communication. This house controls 3 main areas of human life: self-expression, family ties and daily trips. It is he who is responsible for your thinking, speech and writing, as well as for logic, memory and manual work.

At the 3rd house you can learn about the education received by a person, as well as his susceptibility to learning. He will also tell about your relationship with relatives and about short trips.

4th house. It is the home of your home. He controls the home life of a person, tells about the living conditions and relationships with parents. It also includes everything that was inherited from ancestors.

And also tells about the last years of life, security, which everyone wants to achieve in his old age. The 4th house is one of the most mysterious in the natal horoscope, as it displays what helps to protect and isolate the person from the outside world.

5th house. Responsible for creation and sex. The 5th house contributes to everything that a person does for his own pleasure and with the goal of expressing himself creatively. More to the responsibility of the house described is the offspring with entertainment, special events, art, love adventures, new beginnings, betting and gambling. It is in this house that an individual can express his creative abilities and gain pleasure from life.

6th house. Controls the scope of commitment and health. He is often referred to as a house of service to others, telling about a person’s need to help other people and do something useful for humanity. In addition, he will tell about the relationship of the individual with employees, subordinates and the boss.

Another 6th house is associated with the sphere of health, in particular with pathologies that were provoked by increased anxiety or emotional disorder. Can tell about the constitution of a person, as well as a predisposition to certain diseases.

7th house. Responsible for partnership and marriage. At the level of personality has a connection with your soulmate. It is for this house that it is possible to find out information regarding a future marriage, a possible divorce and remarriage or marriage.

In addition, this house also controls the scope of partnerships - not only in love, but also in business and other areas of life. At the 7th house you can find out how a person cooperates with others.

Another area of ​​impact of the 7th house extends to your obvious enemies - competitors in business or professional activities.

8th house. It is the abode of death and rebirth after death. The 8th house is one of the 3 sacred houses in the natal horoscope of a person (together with the 4th and 12th), which are difficult to understand.

The house controls the forces that have a connection with the sexual life of a person, birth, death, and life after death. He is the patron saint of the material and spiritual component of life.

On the basis of this house, it is even possible to guess about the circumstances of a person’s death, although its exact time, of course, will remain a mystery. The 8th house is the patron saint of surgeons, and also has a connection with inexplicable forces and occultism.

9th house. Responsible for mental work and long trips. It is a more extensive version of the 3rd house: it relates to studies, travel and logical investigations. It also controls the sphere of higher consciousness.

Contributes to higher education, philosophy, and more - the study of difficult subjects. Associated with distant body movements with soul, traveling abroad and business interests in other states.

The 9th house is also responsible for meeting people in other countries who expand your horizons. And yet - allows you to publicly express your ideas, has a relationship with the publisher and literature.

10th house. The house, which is responsible for career and social status. Its antipode is the 4th house. The 10th house is responsible for everything that has any connection with society - the professional activity of a person, his social status, reputation, and so on.

Also the 10th house controls the ambition, aspirations and achievements of the individual. He will show the degree to which a person commands respect from others. This house also serves as the personification of your image, power, position and awards that you can get.

He expresses the talents of the person, says that the person is able to take responsibility, has a significant impact on the material state of the person.

11th house. It includes friends, hopes and desires. The antipode of the 11th house the 5th house has to do with caring for its momentary pleasures, and the 11th house is the patron of long-term desires and goals, and also of intellectual pleasures.

A house helps a person to successfully interact with a team or an organization that is related to work, profession, and family. Also, the house often tells about friends and acquaintances who best suit the ideas and goals of the individual.

The 11th house is a reflection of the ability of the individual to enjoy communication. At the highest level, the house will tell about harmonious cooperation, under the conditions of which the maximum realization of human abilities occurs. He is responsible for idealism and foresight.

12th house. It acts as a home of riddles, disappointments and sacrifices. The 12th house is considered the most mystical, final, final circle. It is far from being a bad and gloomy place in all situations, but in reality it will tell you about the existence of certain limitations in your life.

This is where disappointments, accidents, various troubles and defeats can be attributed. Also, the 12th house has a connection with invisible forces, secret enemies, associated with the denial of real life, psychiatric hospitals, ordinary hospitals and prisons.

The 12th house is the house of karma, associated with karmic and spiritual duty, since it is in it that all prizes and punishments of a person are found, everything that he has done in our world. Another house controls the supernatural capabilities and the ability to comprehend the meaning of life.

House patrons

You may have noticed that 12 houses are connected or somehow similar to 12 zodiacal constellations. For example, the 1st house has some qualities of the 1st constellation - Aries, the 2nd - 2nd constellation Taurus, and so on.

The constellation that corresponds to a particular house is the natural patron of a given house.

And they will be as follows:

  • 1st house (personality) - Aries;
  • 2nd house (property) - Taurus;
  • 3rd house (communication) - Gemini;
  • 4th house (dwelling) - Cancer;
  • 5th house (creative energy) - Leo;
  • 6th house (ministry) - Virgin;
  • 7th house (partnerships) - Libra;
  • 8th house (rebirth) - Scorpio;
  • 9th house (intellectual studies) - Sagittarius;
  • 10th house (career self-development) - Capricorn;
  • 11th house (hope) - Aquarius;
  • 12th house (self-sacrifice) - Fish.

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