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Horoscope for Taurus for August 2018: love relationships, business and health


The last summer month will be the time of summing up what has been achieved in six months, a new frontier for representatives of the elements of the earth. What does the horoscope predict for Taurus in August 2018? A kaleidoscope of bright events, interesting meetings and a lot of impressions. Consider everything in detail.

General horoscope for the month

Astrologers claim that August will pass in a positive way - this will make some Taurus suspect a trick. If there is no extreme, you need to create it. However, it is not necessary to do this, that is, artificially complicate your life. It is better to devote time to rest, because summer is coming to an end. And the rest is from what:

  • obstruction at work;
  • conflicts with colleagues;
  • family misunderstandings;
  • unfulfilled obligations.

This list can be supplemented with new items. What other zodiac signs simply do not pay attention to becomes a daunting problem for Taurus. Therefore, rest and more rest - the motto of the month of August for Taurus.

But a wave of inspiration, which will bring with August, you need to use to the fullest. On this wave, you can quickly resolve complex problems, for example, in the personal sphere. What seemed insurmountable before would suddenly lose its significance. In the field of work, too, many problems will disappear as if by themselves.

This wave of inspiration will help lonely Taurus to adjust their personal life, to find a soul mate. Astrologers advise not to deny yourself anything and just to breathe in the air with a full breast - to enjoy. Such a mood will help you easily achieve the complex goals that you set for yourself. In August, you should not get involved in disputes, especially to arrange family disassembly and scandals. In the heat of conflict, you can miss the gifts of fate, which she prepared this month - you simply will not notice them.

Will delight August and the opportunity to climb a new rung of the career ladder. The head simply can not fail to notice the promptness and enthusiasm of Taurus. If it goes on like this, then by autumn you can get a deputy chair.

Love and family

Astrologers do not advise lonely Taurus to engage in introspection and pull out to the world of God non-existent flaws. This will bring awareness of their imperfections, only at a deeper level. Why do you need it? There are no perfect people, so relax and take yourself as it is. It is not necessary to put on a vamp mask of a woman to win the heart of a man: it will not bring it to good. Also, do not build yourself frivolous yoke: be natural.

Women in the style of vamp feared, and coquettes are not taken lightly. You just complicate your life with the wrong roles. If you think that playing with the feelings of men is fun - you are mistaken. Take your partners seriously, then you will be treated accordingly. Taurus women in love are not recommended to persist in the suspicion of their chosen one in treason. If around you frivolous persons in your opinion revolve, it is not a direct evidence of treason. Better to cool your ardor in the fitness club or pool.

Couples should think about joint rest, if the previous two summer months were full of working days. Nervous overstrain and fatigue should not be poured onto the second half or children - it is better to enroll in the sports section and get rid of negative emotions there. Fear the day of the new moon, which falls on the 11th day - you can not arrange disassembly and showdown.

Work and Finance

In August, you will have the opportunity to participate in various projects. This is a very tempting chance to improve your financial level. However, do not take on several projects at once - do not pull. It is important to focus on the essentials, leaving all the nuances and insignificant events in the shadow.

In August, Taurus women can make their debut as a business lady, as the stars favor the creation of their own business. However, you should work in parallel on your emotions, which you need to learn to keep in check. You will have to conduct business negotiations, sign contracts and make deals - is it permissible for a business lady not to be able to keep her mouth shut?

The image of a business lady needs to be competently created:

  • go to the hairdresser;
  • make a fashionable manicure;
  • refresh the skin on the face.

Image is of great importance in business circles. You should also review your wardrobe and update some items of clothing. All these simple manipulations will allow you to gain self-confidence and create the necessary image. If you are not sure of your own taste, entrust this work to a stylist.

So, the stars have to successful transactions and business projects, so the question for the small - to start moving in the chosen direction. Remember the unfavorable day - the full moon on August 26. On this day, it is better to retire and not to organize important meetings: everything will go down the drain.


Constant internal stress characteristic of Taurus, one day can play a cruel joke. In order not to earn chronic migraine or high blood pressure, visit the doctor in advance. You need to pass a comprehensive examination to know exactly your health status. We'll have to revise the usual menu and exclude some sweetheart foods: health is more expensive.

To get rid of negative emotions, you need to go out into nature more often. Taurus - the pets of the elements of the earth, it is she who can get rid of the internal boiling of emotions. In the winter, ski, in the summer, go barefoot on the ground, in the fall “hug” with the trees, and in the spring fill up with the beauty of the blossoming nature. A cry from the heart will help you to qualitatively free yourself from an excess of negative emotions - find a deserted place and shout out all anger or resentment. This simple technique helps to calm down.