Dream interpretation

Ramazan: what does the name mean and does it give good fortune


When they are going to bestow the name of a newborn son, some couples dream of choosing the most sacred, heavenly name that will protect the baby, boy, man for life. Is this the name Ramazan?

The meaning and origin of this name

If Christians are not accustomed to calling their children Merry Christmas or Easter, then Muslims gladly name their sons in honor of the ancient holiday - the holy month of Ramadan (or Ramazan). The name of this month originated in ancient Arabic. If you translate verbatim, you get "burning", "hot" or "very hot." Still would! Although the dates of this month vary, it is usually celebrated in the summer.

A play on words (the month is a male name) was used in an ancient oriental tale about a stupid wife who gave all the good that her husband set aside for the celebration of Ramadan, to a stranger with the same name. Although, of course, it is very strange to meet a spouse in a Muslim country who does not know about this holy month, but folklore is often created on the basis of real situations, so that such a misunderstanding could once have happened!

It gives a middle name: Ramazanovich (or, if jokingly: Ramazanich), Ramazanovna.

For friends and relatives he: Ramzan, Rama, Ramik, Ramzik, Ramaz.

In other cultures, it sounds like: Roman (Russian), Ramay (Tatar and Jewish).

What character gives this name?

Merits: this is an absolutely kind person who loves relatives and strangers (even bullies and offenders), animals and birds. He is very sociable, can find common interests with almost everyone. Ramik subtly feels his interlocutor, and if he realizes that he is offending someone, he will immediately change the topic of conversation.

In addition, most of the carriers of this name are resolute and courageous. Calmness, prudence, patience, dedication, caution - these are the main character traits of an adult Ramadan.

disadvantages: sometimes this guy is prone to cruel and unpredictable actions. More rarely, it becomes indecisive, personifying a stone under which water does not flow — that is, becoming overly passive. On other days, it is the other way around, "turns on" excessive self-confidence, allowing for her offensive, simply childish mistakes.

This is how the fate of Ramadan changes over time.

  • Childhood. This baby is not afraid of anything, and for a minute you cannot take your eyes off him for a minute, because he has just climbed onto the garage and is already feeding him with a cake of an unfamiliar bulldog. He often acts as a "captain" among his peers, organizing an active yard game. He has a strong sense of justice: he will never offend a child just like that, and when he sees dishonest jokes or a fight, he does not hesitate to stand up for the offended.
  • School. If the item is interested in Ramzik, he will receive only the best marks. However, it is almost always a solid horoshist. But in extracurricular time (say, in wrestling, football, swimming) he will be one of the best.
  • Youth. This guy is no longer rushing headlong towards adventure, he will weigh everything first (although, of course, the risk of “alienating” something impulsive still remains). The pronounced charisma guarantees the guy not only a hundred friends, but also the respect of his peers.
  • Mature years. This man is successful, and fame and money did not fall on him, he achieved everything with his own hands. He is generous, can help another - but not to anyone, but only to one who is really striving for his goal. He is able to evaluate his weak qualities and work through them - a very rare and useful feature!

Astrology and esoteric

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac is Libra (time of birth from September 24 to October 23) and Taurus (from April 21 to May 21).
  • Planet, providing personal patronage: Venus.
  • Color name: blue and yellow.
  • Stone mascot, which should be worn on the body, or at least bring into the house: aquamarine.
  • Plants named: lemon balm and periwinkle.
  • Totem animals: cat and bull.

Name day: their carrier of the given name does not celebrate.

Here is how Ramik acts in different situations:

  • Love. Find a bride he can quite early. However, a hot jealousy of this hot guy can scare a girl away (he even for jokes, pinching another man can be terribly angry at his girlfriend). But if the spouse does not give him a reason for jealousy, he will surround her with sincere love and care, as well as comfort and all the benefits that he can buy for money.
  • Family. "Everything in the house" is about him. He is a good owner, taps do not drip in his house and the cabinet door never sags. This man loves when his guests step over the threshold. However, he himself is not averse to sit somewhere with relatives or friends.
  • Children. Father, he is often strict. However, this is not from evil, but because of the love for children whom he does not want to spoil too much. If he has a son, he will try to raise a real man from him.
  • Job. From this guy get a good boss. The industries in which he can excel are: mathematics, mechanics, chemistry, sports.
  • Health and disease. Everything is fine here, even at pre-retirement age.

Women who are destined and not destined to a bearer named

Remarkable compatibility: Anastasia, Galina, Inna, Kira, Claudia, Maya, Svetlana, Sofia, Raisa, Ulyana.

It is believed that Ramazan is a solid Monogamous, who prefers not to collect love victories, but to find his only betrothed and live with her until old age. So if this guy offers you to meet, and even gets a little ring, be sure: everything is more than serious!

Normal compatibility (with some "but", but you can put up with them): Vladislav, Daria, Diana, Eve, Elena, Zhanna, Olga, Maria, Taisiya.

Bad relationship (in other words, if he contacts this woman, the "dull" life is provided for him): Helena, Dina, Catherine, Eugene, Oksana, Nina, Natalia, Tamara.

Famous namesake named Ramazan

  1. Ramazan Abdulatipov (1946) - Russian politician. In the past - the head of the Republic of Dagestan.
  2. Ramazan Bapov (1947) - choreographer from Kazakhstan.
  3. Ramazan Ramazanov (1967) - wrestler, champion of the USSR and Russia.
  4. Ramazan Shumakhov (1969) - Soviet (Russian) football player, later coach.
  5. Ramzan Kadyrov (1976) - President of the Chechen Republic.
  6. Ramazan Irbayhanov or Shahin (1983) - a wrestler from Turkey. Champion of Europe and the 2008 Olympics.
  7. Ramazan Ozcan (1984) - a football player from Austria. The roots of the athlete Turkish.
  8. Ramazan Emeev (1987) is a Russian mixed-style fighter, originally from Dagestan. Twice master of sports.
  9. Ramazan Muslimov - Ukrainian boxer.

The holy month of Ramadan is called by many Ramazan. This is a song dedicated to him. Like all Muslim prayers, it is divinely beautiful. Enjoy!