Dream interpretation

Beautiful and independent Rose - influence on the formation of personality and destiny


It is not difficult to guess the meaning of the name Rosa. When it is mentioned, an image of a beautiful flower is created in the mind, the queen of flowers is a combination of a delicate fragile bud and a strong stem with sharp thorns. In world history, the rose was a noble symbol:

  • The rose was an attribute of the holy martyrs and Jesus himself
  • The ancient Romans, it was a symbol of beauty, tenderness and love.

There is also a version that the name appeared in the ancient Germans. It comes from the two-part name Ruodhaid, which means "glorious race." Over time, the name transformed to the usual Rosa and Rose.

What forms of name can be

Short - Rosie, Roska

Affectionately - Rosochka, Rose, Rosula, Rosuska, Rosunka.

The name is often found in other languages ​​- Rosa, Roza, Rose. There are variations of pronunciation - Rosel, Rosa, Rosette, Rose, Rosina, Rosinella, Ruzhen, Rosin, Ruzina, Ruzan.

  • The English version of Rose and Rosa are pronounced as Rose and Rose.

In the passport - ROZA.

There is no correspondence in the Orthodox calendar.


Baby Rosochka - nimble cheerful. She grows up a playful and restless girl. This can cause some problems to parents. But they can not but rejoice in her sense of purpose, which is manifested at a still young age and will not weaken during life. The main thing is not to miss the moment and make sure that this quality of it is manifested only in business and in school, and in no way extends to whims.

At school, Rosa is doing fine. She has time for everything. In addition to excellent performance in all lessons, she is actively involved in extra-curricular social activities. She will try many kinds of activities before finding the one she really likes. Having decided on a choice of occupations, it will be revealed on the other hand, using all its internal resources.

Matured rose - the owner of a very complex nature with diverse interests. It is similar to the eponymous flower, delicate and simultaneously prickly. At first, she is soft and charming, and in the next second shows her perseverance and willpower. And these back and forth drops can be abrupt and instant.

Rosette is a great interlocutor, able to find an approach to any person and enchant him. She is successful in all matters for which she undertakes. Rose likes to help her friends who are less successful.

She takes patronage over them. Friendship for Rosa is not a simple word. Despite countless friends, she chooses her friends carefully. In front of an unfamiliar person in no hurry to reveal. He treats friends with care and reverence. They can always count on her with confidence.

The rose is often vindictive. Resentment is not easy to forgive. And if there is an opportunity, she will certainly remember this and can even take revenge. And she will do it mercilessly and cruelly. Close ones should remember that you do not need to offend her.


You can call the health of Roses strong, but still not perfect. You can envy her stamina and excellent vitality. She likes active pastime. Despite all its activity and mobility, there is a predisposition to fullness, especially closer to 30 years.


Rosa works with pleasure, but she will never devote all her time to work. She successfully combines it with other aspects of life. Her ability to work and diligence will not go unnoticed. The best incentive to work for Rosa will be the material side of the question.

Family and relationships

In the family, Rosochka seeks to be a leader, although at first you can’t say it at all. She will not immediately demonstrate her complex character to her spouse, but over time, it will still manifest. Rosa is well aware of this, and therefore chooses a man to be her husband, who will accept her and accept her character. Rosa does not like to do household chores, but she does them all the same well.

Astrological characteristics

  • Zodiac sign - Leo.
  • Stone - Ruby.
  • The color of the name is Hot Pink.
  • Planet - the sun.
  • Tree - Laurel.
  • Totem animal - Leo.
  • Plant - Rose.

Famous women named Rosa