Dream interpretation

The conspiracy to fulfill the desire - to read before bedtime


Each person has his innermost desire. It often happens that one has to wait for his performance for years, and for some it takes a whole life. And not everyone guesses that the embodiment of the desired can be brought closer, and magic will help in this.

In the entire history of the existence of magic, many conspiracies were invented to help dreams come true. Many of them are successfully used in our days. Particularly popular are the conspiracies to the execution of desires that are read before bedtime.

Operating principle

A person who is eager to fulfill his desire will try all possible methods in practice. However, many of them are disappointed after this, faced with the fact that, despite all the tried and tested techniques, the dream is in no hurry to come true.

Meanwhile, the magic of desires is intended only to create the conditions for the fulfillment of the performer’s desire, to arrange events in a person’s life in such a way that they help the cherished come true.

The lion’s share of responsibility for the realization of a dream lies with the person himself: the performer must do everything to get closer to his goal, to notice, accept and take advantage of the opportunities that magic creates for him. Doing it here is contraindicated, otherwise no witchcraft ritual will help.

General rules for performing rituals

Do not confuse magic with magic. Remember that magic happens only in fairy tales, and magic helps to accomplish only real life goals, therefore desire must be real. It is not necessary to ask the higher forces that a priori is unrealizable. Such ceremonies require an informed approach.

Also, when choosing your desire and performing rites, you need to take into account the following conditions:

  • your desire should not harm anyone, nobody should suffer after its implementation. If the desire is with insidious and evil intent, the higher forces will turn against you, and you will have to pay dearly;
  • strong faith in the power of magic. Without faith in magic nothing will come of it. If you decide to do a ritual in order to test its effectiveness or out of curiosity, immediately get ready for the fact that you will be disappointed;
  • the pursuit of his dream, the sincere desire to realize it;
  • premeditated and clearly stated wording of your desire. Avoid ambiguity and ambiguity, otherwise you will not get what you originally wanted.

As for the time of the rituals, it is best suited for this period from new moon to full moon. The specific time is usually specified in the instructions for the plot. If this explanation is not, choose the moon growing - just can not go wrong.

Examples of effective conspiracy to fulfill desire

Prayer to the guardian angel

The lunar phase does not matter for this prayer. The plot is not designed for instant results. It should be pronounced as often as possible: at bedtime, in the morning, after waking up. The text is:

“My guardian angel! To the fulfillment of the desire to bless. Conceived to realize help. ”

An indispensable condition is to ask only for good, something from which no one will be harmed.

On birthday

If you are a birthday boy or soon to become one, I advise you to read the ritual from this video before bedtime:

To the rising moon

Say the words below for a growing month, for 3 days, without a break, before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. Text:

“The asterisk is clear, shine on the skies, peace to the whole of the baptized for joy, catch fire with inextinguishable and bright light, Orthodox to everybody for joy. The asterisk is clear, to the house of God’s servant (own name) Look, the asterisk is clear, bless my house with holy fire and bright. Hear my cherished desire (name your wish).

High-speed conspiracy on bread

Ritual for the most impatient. Usually helps to realize what was planned to the nearest full moon. However, you need to think really achievable. It is held on the growing moon.

As it begins to darken on the street, go to the store and buy a loaf (loaf, loaf) of bread. Give it to no one. As you begin to get ready for bed, lock the door in your bedroom, take out the bread and speak it with the following words:

“As bread is the head of everything, so I am the hostess (master) of desires. What I wish, it comes true. What is not mine is forgotten. With bread in the head and with desire in the hands. All of mine - with me, that someone else - is not necessary. Amen".

Put the spelled bread under your pillow and go to bed. Waking up in the morning, break off a slice of bread from your hands and eat it. Feed the birds with the remaining bread.

On the water

Pronounced during the growth of the moon.

Type in the morning water from a well or natural source, put it to stand up until the evening. As soon as you are ready to go to bed, say the water 3 times using the following words:

“The water is clean, spring water (well - select the appropriate option). The secret power in yourself you carry. What you need, you fill with life, and the other - forever drown. Forces give me the cherished fulfill and the desired get. Fill and quicken with power, do not drown my inmost things. Not to the detriment, but for the sake of good, not to someone, but to me. Amen".

Drink 3 sips of conspired water, and with what remains, wash your face and hands. Lie down to sleep.