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Favorable days for haircuts for February 2018 according to the lunar calendar


By February, winter is already tightly in its position. On the eve of Valentine's Day, as well as February 23, I would like to pay more attention to my haircut in order to pleasantly surprise my beloved with beautiful and well-groomed hair. And here the lunar calendar of haircuts for February 2018 will come to the rescue with an overview of favorable days.

Suitable days to dye and cut hair in February

February 1, 16-17 lunar day

A very good time to get rid of the whipped tips, as well as to carry out its usual haircut, because a decreasing moon will slow down the growth of curls. But with staining worth the wait.

February 2, 17-18 lunar day

Feel free to perform a haircut today - it will give you pleasure. It is also useful to dye your hair this day: firstly, you will get the effect you dream of, and secondly, add yourself luck in life.

February 3, 18-19 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you will become more active and improve your health. The procedure of dyeing curls on this day will have a positive effect on the state of their structure.

February 4, 19-20 lunar day

If you cut your hair today, you will attract Mrs.-Fortune to your side. And the implementation of coloring recommended, but only in natural shades. Also ask for help to the wellness treatments for curls.

February 5, 20-21 lunar days

Today you can safely experiment with changing your image. But from the staining should be abandoned, because the result you absolutely do not like.

February 6, 21 lunar days

Today, cutting hair is not recommended if you do not want to worsen their condition. As for staining - any manipulations will now be very lucky.

February 7, 21-22 lunar day

Absolutely inappropriate time for hair cutting. But today it is recommended to tint gray hair.

February 8, 22 and 23 lunar days

Give up the haircut today, replacing it with a firming mask. If you want to constantly catch on yourself the rapturous views of men, it is worth painting the curls in dark colors.

February 9, 23-24 lunar day

This day is neutral to restore order on the head. It is possible today to tint the hair - this procedure will add vitality and brightness to it.

February 10, 24-25 lunar day

The right time to perform classic haircuts. But staining should be postponed if you do not want to worsen your relationship with men.

February 11, 25 and 26 lunar day

Today it is not recommended to perform any cosmetic manipulations with hair. Painting curls today harm your hair and worsen overall health.

February 12, 26-27 lunar day

The wrong time to cut your hair. It is also worth delaying the staining procedure, otherwise you risk facing conflict situations at work.

February 13, 27-28 lunar day

Similarly to the previous day, today you should give up haircuts if you do not want to face severe depression. Coloring can be done, but you need to stay at the light and red colors.

February 14, 28 and 29 lunar days

And today, the haircut is very shown, in the process of choosing a new hairstyle completely trust your imagination. To improve your career, dye your hair with a natural base.

February 15, 29-30 lunar day

A good time to perform various styling masterpieces is also suitable for regular haircuts. When staining can be quite bold experiments.

February 16, 30, 1 and 2 lunar day

If you choose the right haircut today, you can improve your mood, plus activate the flow of monetary energy. Showing and coloring, which will favorably affect the condition of the hair, as well as charge you with courage, vigor, will help develop a willpower.

February 17, 2 and 3 lunar day

Today it is very useful to cut off hair, this will improve their condition. When dyeing on this day, it is worth giving up on bright shades if you are afraid of becoming more visible to your enemies.

February 18, 3-4 lunar day

Today it is better not to do a haircut, because you risk to attract the attention of evil forces. Also, it is not necessary to carry out the dyeing - the dye pigment doesn’t stick well in the hair and the curls will look very untidy.

February 19, 4th and 5th lunar day

Today, carrying out any manipulations with hair will add vitality and silkiness to hair. And having painted curls you thereby improve the relations with world around.

February 20, 5-6 lunar day

Give up the hairstyle today, the moon is now in the wrong phase. But at this time it is good to carry out healthy manipulations: keratinization, biolamination, and also to make various nutritional masks.

February 21, 6-7 lunar day

Now is a neutral period for everything. Therefore, only you can decide on a haircut or not. With regards to staining, this is the ideal time to apply henna or basma.

February 22, 7-8 lunar day

Do not cut your hair today, do better grooming procedures. It is also worth now to give up staining (even with the help of natural dyes).

February 23, 8th and 9th lunar day

Very nice day to make a haircut. Thanks to her, you can easily get rid of the accumulated negative energy and can solve any unresolved issues. And lighten your hair today, you further improve their health.

February 24, 9 and 10 lunar day

Today you will be satisfied with the effect of a haircut. As a coloring, you should use special coloring foams, mousses and shampoos.

February 25, 10-11 lunar day

A good time to perm, both in the salon and at home. When dyeing on this day, it is worthwhile to dwell only on natural dyes, and the use of chemicals is not allowed.

February 26, 11-12 lunar day

Give up today from carrying out haircuts and any other manipulations with hair. On this day, you can dye your hair in bright colors.

February 27, 12-13 lunar day

On this day, cutting bangs or tips is allowed. As for staining, today it contributes to improving memory, restoring the nervous system, increasing efficiency and activity, as well as enhancing logical thinking.

February 28th, 13th and 14th lunar day

Having completed a haircut today you will make yourself a happy person, plus you will provide external beauty and health to your curls. The coloring procedure is also allowed, but only in those cases if you intend to perform it with proven masters.

Now all the difficulties with the creation of hairstyles will be solved: just visit the hairdresser in February on favorable days and refuse to visit her for unfavorable. It is always better to be safe once again in order to protect yourself from possible adverse effects.

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