Dream interpretation

What does a towel mean in a dream and how to interpret a dream according to dream books


Towel plays a huge role in human life. It’s not in vain that Douglas Adams, the author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, says that the most necessary thing on a journey is a towel. And he is right. This is a sail, and clothing, a distress signal and the ability to dry off after a swim, to sit comfortably in any terrain. Towel in a dream is important and means inner intimate comfort. Consider what it means to see a towel in a dream for dream books.

Basic Values

  • The main meaning of towels in a dream - home comfort, privacy, comfort. The softer and softer the fabric, the better you feel about yourself and carefully keep your secrets. The wider the canvas and the greater the possibility of wrapping - the more closed nature it hides.
  • The presence of sleeves, hood - inventive characters, special tenderness and vulnerability that you seek to hide.
  • Waffle short towel, tough, crisp and crystal white means steel spartan character.
  • Small, similar to a rag for dust, but from absorbent soft microfiber gives extreme practicality without compromising its own convenience.
  • Bright or with a defiant pattern - shocking nature. This applies to large panels. Small bright canvases give a cheerful and optimistic attitude.
  • Gray towel, faded means negligence, carelessness, carelessness and inattention to yourself. Holes, tears, scuff marks - a sign of poverty and even poverty. You do not have enough money or mental strength even for the most necessary.
  • Wet - to possible trouble. A quarrel with friends, deception, a joke is possible.
  • Dirty - scandal will be difficult to avoid. Better not try. If you are accused of negligence or lack of accuracy, you should reconsider the relationship with the prosecutor.
  • Kitchen or embroidered - old-fashioned, conservative, practical. You can not be confused, although many are trying. Wedding towels - to loyalty to the traditions, a kind of game in the old days.
  • Excessively long cloth means sadness about the future separation.

The value of action with a towel

  • Giving a towel for dream books is a touching concern. Such a sign means good luck and help in all good endeavors. A gift from the heart will be a faithful companion in travel and a talisman.
  • It is believed that you can not wipe your hands at the same time as a friend. In fact, if the friendship is sincere, such an action will only strengthen the feelings, since it means sharing glory, joy and sorrow.
  • Buy - get ready for a serious change in life.
  • Collapse, pack - going on the road. Hang on a nail or on the dryer - to be placed comfortably, without worrying about violation of privacy.
  • Wrap up - the need to hide from the annoying attention. To tie on hips - full self-confidence, easy bravado. Throwing on shoulders - doubts. Wrap your head - a sign of depression.
  • Wash, add fragrant rinse for maximum softness - it is a pity that your worries are taken for granted.
  • Tear the fabric on the bandages or for compresses - you are preparing for difficult situations in life.
  • Throwing at his feet - wastefulness. To quarrels, ruin, failure. If you dream that you are throwing someone else’s towel at your feet, it means hatred, contempt, meanness. You dream to do stuff, but do not dare to open confrontation.
  • If someone spoiled your towel - you have a spiteful spiteful person who is not ashamed to even get into dirty laundry, and if necessary, self-soot. The naive, arrogant and stupid envier has a good chance of success and can push you out of their homes, spreading out the most incredible and nasty rumors and exposing you in the most unattractive light. Take the attack calmly. You can deny everything, including those bits of truth that the gossip cleverly weaves into the story. By agreeing even to a little accusation, you completely disavow yourself.


To see a towel in a dream means a little anxiety and dreams of comfort and convenience. A favorite towel means you want cleanliness and privacy, take a dip and be alone with your thoughts. See family members' favorite towels - miss them, take care.

A towel in a dream has the most positive meaning, it is a sign of the kindest and softest care, tenderness, love. To see a whole pile is a good prosperity, which will certainly multiply thanks in large part to your concerns. Elegant and beautiful towels in a dream is a good dream, promising a good time.