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Predictions for 2018 for Russia: the opinions of Vanga, Nostradamus and psychics


There are different predictions for 2018 for Russia: favorable and not so good. Some soothsayers promise a bright future for the country, others warn of misfortunes, catastrophes and natural disasters. Let us examine the famous prophecies.

What prophesies Wang

The blind prophet has left behind many prophecies. Wang loved Russia and remembered it more than once in her predictions.

What awaits the Russian state in its opinion:

  1. In 2018, Russia will actively cooperate with the countries of the Middle East. It is also likely that the allied pacts with China and India will be signed.
  2. Enterprises will begin to actively develop. The era of prosperity and material well-being for the owners of their own business will come, thanks to the good economic situation in the country.
  3. People will forget about the crisis: life will get better, prosperity will gradually come to families, and the standard of living will grow.
  4. Not only material well-being comes from the people. An active promotion of spiritual values ​​will also begin, this is the beginning of the revival of moral principles, morality. People will become more kind, compassionate, merciful, will help each other.
  5. Thanks to the growth of spirituality, the country will enter a new stage of its development. Every year the economic situation will only improve.
  6. But all is not so good. The contempt of moral values ​​will “come around” to the Russian people in the future. What exactly will happen, the researchers of the prophecies could not decipher.

Wang's predictions for 2017 give hope for a bright future. It is expected that the country will come out of the economic crisis, people will live better and become happier.

Predictions of Nostradamus

Nostradamus also did not deprive Russia of attention in their prophecies. It is not known how correctly we managed to interpret his quatrains, but much has already come true, so one can hope for the authenticity of the interpretations of the researchers.

What promised the great astrologer:

  1. In 2018, two states will reconcile: Russia and Ukraine. They will unite in a powerful and indestructible union, which will significantly strengthen the position of both countries in the world. America will react to this fact aggressively, negative actions may begin on its part.
  2. In 2018-2020, the debate with China will begin, and the threat of international conflict will mature. But countries will manage to find a compromise, so serious negative consequences will be avoided.
  3. By 2023, the state system will change dramatically. It is difficult to say what the changes will most strongly affect - this prediction is very vague and ambiguous.
  4. In the quatrain of Nostradamus there is mention of a certain strong ruler who will come to power and firmly settle down in people's minds. He will bring not only the prosperity of Russia, but also be able to influence the spiritual development of the country, change the outlook and thinking of the population.

In general, the prognosis of Nostradamus is favorable - Russia will make a powerful breakthrough in its spiritual and economic development, scientists will make incredible discoveries.

The Prophecies of Mary Duval

The clairvoyant let slip that the economic crisis that will affect the entire planet will have the least impact on Russia and its citizens. In many countries ruin will reign, and in the Russian Federation everything will remain more or less prosperous.

In 2018, the growth of the state will begin in all its spheres. The economic situation will improve, the standard of living will increase, political positions will be strengthened so that Russia can dictate its rules and laws to the rest of the countries.

Progress in spirituality and morality will also be observed. The cultural level of the population will only grow. In general, people will become more calm, compassionate, kind and merciful. They will begin to be interested in the history and traditions of their people.

How the predictions for 2018 sound for Russia literally sound you can see in this video:

Opinion of modern psychics

Russia and modern clairvoyants, mediums and psychics have not ignored Russia. Their opinions do not all coincide, we consider them in detail.

Famous prophecies:

  1. Member of the "Battle of psychics" Julia Wang claims: in 2018 between the population of the country and the government will begin conflicts. Many dissatisfied everywhere - people are not satisfied with the economic situation, because of despair, they will go to negative actions.
  2. Another participant of the show, Elena Golunova, also does not give favorable forecasts. She believes that chaos will reign in the state in 2018, and Russia's position in the world will worsen.
  3. Another clairvoyant, Fatima Hadueva, does not agree with the opinions of her colleagues. Her prophecies are encouraging: they promise the country a recovery after the economic crisis, believes that the standard of living will increase, and all the troubles of the people will end completely by 2025.
  4. Fatima also believes that the state is now paying for a karmic debt: shooting the royal family in the past. People got all sorts of misfortunes for this, but they have already paid off enough, so prosperity is not far off.
  5. Psychic Zirradin Rzayev believes that Russia will gradually become the strongest world power that no one dares to challenge. However, he does not exclude the fact that in 2018 internal feuds are possible due to the dissatisfaction of the population with the standard of living.

How accurate the predictions of our contemporaries, only time will tell. It remains to hope that only good prophecies will come true.

Who will rule the country?

Many soothsayers have references to a strong new ruler who will come to power, and an era of cardinal changes will come. It will be a bright, extraordinary personality. He will bring with him a new philosophy, perhaps even religion, which the entire population of the globe will accept in time.