Dream interpretation

Dreamed a bed - the correct interpretation of the dream


The bed is the starting point for a good morning and a good day. After all, our mood, general well-being, desire to live and work for the welfare of prosperity depends on a healthy sleep in a comfortable bed. What dreams bed, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

The bed is an interesting and controversial symbol. First of all, it personifies the personal space of the dreamer, his private and sometimes private life. Some psychologists consider it a field of human activity: here it is conceived, born, died.

A bed is a place where a person relaxes, gives vent to feelings, emotions, passion, escapes from illness or depression, sleeps, connecting with his unconscious, obeying the instincts of his body. This is a place of revelation in front of himself, where one does not need to pretend and represent something, playing a role.

To a sleeper, such visions reveal the emotional side of his life, relationships with others, and health problems. Good changes are waiting for those who dreamed of lying on snow-white bedding, experiencing a feeling of lightness, tranquility and idyll.

A negative interpretation can predict a scenario where there was a lonely bed, dingy linen and a gloomy atmosphere in the room. This is a sign of disease, unexpected misfortunes in personal, family life, differences between spouses. Also, negative phenomena should be expected from sleep, where you covered with a blanket, lay in an empty bed, lay in a damp and dirty bed.

For a correct prediction is important where the bed is located, as well as that under it on the floor. Usually, dust accumulates there, which we forget to clean in time. To look in a dream under the bed and to see a lot of dirt and dust is a sign of the inner discomfort of the person sleeping. The reason for this is the experience of past experiences, mistakes, missed opportunities. You cannot think about the future, make plans for life until you let go of the situation in the past. Constant remorse and regret will only aggravate depressive mood. To get rid of this is to give yourself a chance to move forward.

What else to expect from a bed in a dream

  • for a woman to make a bed - to a new, dizzying romance and scandalous passion;
  • for a man to cover the sheets with a blanket - to career growth and salary increase;
  • big, wide - to profit and happiness in marriage;
  • narrow, on which you can barely fit - in reality you need a serious relationship, family stability and future offspring;
  • a woman to find a snake under a blanket - in reality, meet with a rival who will persistently seek your man;
  • insects on the sheet - to minor troubles, to solve which spend a lot of effort, time and patience;
  • a man lying with a stranger - circumstances will be reduced to a man who later becomes a close friend and reliable partner;
  • change cover - plan to move to another city or country;
  • to lay bed linen next to the bed - to enter into a dubious intimate relationship, which may result in a big scandal and divorce from his wife;
  • to sleep in beds under an apple tree in the open air is an excellent sign, promising the fulfillment of secret desires and expanding the boundaries of possibilities;
  • to repair the marriage bed frame - to attempts to restore relationships, which have long outlived themselves. Do not experience illusions, search for new opportunities for a happy personal life.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

A bed in a dream is a mother's womb, according to the interpreter. It saves from the hostility of the external world and moral experiences. It allows the dreamer to conceal his complexes, doubts and fears, so that in reality he can then appear confident, full of strength and energy.

A snow-white marriage bed in a dream can reflect love and harmony in intimate intimacy. In such a plot there is no place for betrayal, connections on the side. You are completely immersed in your partner, satisfied with sex with him and want to comprehend with him new sensations of intimacy for many years to come.

The man felt like a knight in bed, attacked by a lion - a dream indicates the sexual problems of a sleeper. He is overwhelmed by his dissatisfaction, gluttony, animal instincts. This can manifest itself in rude, uncontrolled behavior in relation to the second half. Intimacy can be dominant, violent.

Gustov Miller

A bed in dreams can reflect both emotions and relationships with loved ones, and the business sphere of the dreamer's life. A man to be in someone else's bed - in reality to conclude a contract or deal, which will be very doubtful and disadvantageous for you.

Feel like you are flying into the abyss, lying on a mattress - to a serious chronic disease. The illness will be difficult to cure if you do not go to a doctor in time. Poor health can affect the strength of the spirit of the sleeper and lead him to depression. Relatives will help to avoid this, if you do not reject their help.

I saw how you lay down and fell asleep - a dream indicates that you often go about your desires, not limited to opportunities. This can lead to a deterioration of wealth and loss of credibility. Cultivate your character, do not let your whims, weaknesses and laziness influence your successful state of affairs.

David loff

A negative interpretation is predicted by those who see themselves lying in bed. This may indicate some kind of psychological discomfort of the dreamer in the near future, poor health or fatigue. You should review your work schedule, play sports or go on a date. Anything that can wake up your energy and hurt the emotional side of the soul, will help affect the overall immunity.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Many positive events to be a dreamer, lying in a large and soft bed. Lie relaxed and take your time - it means prosperity, prosperity and success. Everything that was planned for the near future will surely come true, without bringing any particular troubles and difficulties.

An empty bed dreamed of - a bad sign warning of suffering and loneliness. The reason for this may be a strong discord, a quarrel with relatives or the loss of a loved one.

To be in bed with a stranger of the opposite sex - to good news that will significantly affect your fate. You should not make hasty decisions and make hasty conclusions, otherwise you can miss a good chance to settle in life.