Dream interpretation

Disease in a dream - according to dream books, this is a sign of future tests in reality


Not a single person is not happy with the disease, but the dream of his own illness should alert even a healthy person. The dream book, which treats an adverse event as a warning, will help you find out what the painful state is dreaming about. The dreamer should take care of himself, and not so much about health, as about the state of the soul and the inner world.

Generalized interpretation of the sleepy script

Just like fate, people cannot choose the direction of the dream paintings. However, the competent use of images of dreams, will help manage real life. Proper interpretation of sleep will help control events; this is one of the methods for forming your own reality.

Special attention should be paid to images of unpleasant dreams, they hint and warn about important things. Therefore, terrible dreams are considered more significant than joyful, just carrying information.

To see the disease not only in reality, but also in a dream, is considered an unpleasant test. Moreover, according to the scenario of night dreams, events can develop much more rapidly than in reality. One should not be afraid of such illusions, but it is not out of place to be wary. The interpretation of the meaning of sleep, according to many dream books, depends on the health of the dreamer in real life.

  • If a healthy person in a dream overcame an ailment - this is a signal to the sleeper about the coming temptation in reality. It is important for the contemplator of a sleepy nightmare to cope with the problem, otherwise his life will be ruined.
  • If an unhealthy person dreamed that he fell ill, phantasmagoria promises him joy. Real life will give victory over the disease, no matter how difficult it is.

In addition, the disease in a dream foreshadows the viewer of a nightmare, the occurrence of intrigues around his person (gossip and rumors). A single woman illusion with a serious illness notifies of the advantages of her current free position. If the problem is related to mental disorders, the lady you like cannot be conquered. Vision with relatives' disease - to serious troubles that can destroy family harmony.

Dream Explanation Options by Dream Book

Mysterious Dream Interpretation Maya is known for its specific interpretation of dreams. For convenience of decoding, the content of the original source was transformed to a modern understanding. The condition of the disease according to Sonnika Maya contains two versions of the interpretation of nightmarish vision.

  • A good clarification option. A stranger's illness informs the dreamer about a person in his environment who will help solve problems. To secure a positive message, you should wrap your head with a purple ribbon or thread, do not remove it before leaving the house.
  • Option bad interpretation. The illness of the contemplator of sleep or his relatives warns of the anticipation of a nightmare in reality - problems at work, the collapse of plans, discord in relationships. Candles (four) will help to neutralize the negative of night fantasy. Arranging them around you need to burn a few of your hairs in each.

Dream loft

The famous psychologist pointed out that the symbols and scripts of dreams corresponded to the life experience and character of the dreamer taking into account the real events. A person who has seen a curable disease in a dream can be called benevolent, even elusive. If the culprit of the disease is a sexually transmitted infection or AIDS, the sleeper should pay attention to his behavior.

According to the famous researcher, the illness according to the night scenario reflects deeply hidden fears. In dreams, the bodily nightmare is a reflection of the emotional perception of interpersonal relationships.

Dream Vanga

  • The seer did not consider the symbolism of the vision tragic. In the light of the biblical parallel, illness is a punishment for a man for his sins, sent for cleansing. It's time to revise life values.
  • The incurable disease of the dreamer symbolizes his bad deeds, for which he condemns himself.
  • If the disease in a dream is massive, it is a harbinger of disaster or environmental disaster in reality.

A relative's disease is a sign that it is necessary to support a loved one. A sleepy picture of death from the illness of another person promises a series of misfortunes to the contemplator of a nightmare. And from the side where he does not expect.

Dream Miller

Psychoanalysts often associate pathology with protecting the mind from the irrationality of the unconscious (subconscious). If the individual is able to realize this, he will defeat the disease, therefore:

  • illusion with own indisposition; dream to unpleasant conversations, if it is typhoid fever - caution with enemies will not interfere;
  • if the disease in a dream is gangrene, the future does not promise anything good, but if it is jaundice, difficult problems will be resolved;
  • rabid rage in a dream promises the machinations of enemies in reality, the bite of a rabid animal - deception by the best friend;
  • the leprosy infection scenario is a sign of a real pathology, as a result of which the dreamer will be left without money, and the environment will turn away from him.

Why dream of parents illness? The mother is ill - this is a warning about minor health problems of the dreamer, which he will easily overcome. If the mother is really sick in life, sleep is not a prediction. He is inspired by anxiety for the fate of a loved one. A night illusion with a sick father indicates to the dreamer that it is time for him to get rid of obsessive anxieties and fears for a loved one.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

Nighttime phantasmagoria with a disease rarely foreshadows a disease in reality, and the interpretation of the dream by the father of psychoanalysis are based on questions of sexuality:

  • for a man, a vision with its own disease warns of a possible decrease in sexual desire in real life, even impotence;
  • for a woman, a dreaded own disease manifests her thoughts of frigidity due to dissatisfaction with sex;
  • a dreamy picture of visiting a sick person indicates that the dreamer has no problems with the sexual sphere.

Why dream of a child's illness? To decipher a restless picture, all its details are important, especially the age of children. If the children are small, phantasmagoria can be considered a good omen of good health. If according to the night scenario, adults are sick, and the illness is dangerous, the picture promises the heirs the appearance of serious problems.

What to do when you wake up after a nightmare? Listen to the advice of the dream book, taking into account the real life situation. If the time has come to change your own life, you should act decisively.