Dream interpretation

Dreamed a staircase: the nuances of interpretation of the dream books


Well, our life with you is one big staircase, on which someone goes down, and someone goes up, it all depends on ambition, desire and luck. By the same principle, a good part of the interpretation of the stairs is built. So why dream about dream stairs?

Dreaming with the ladder as the main attribute requires a lot of attentiveness and assiduity from the dreamer, as it is necessary to recall the details. What descent was at the stairs, with whom did you climb / descend, or who waited for you at the top / bottom.

Dream Interpretation Staircase - Interpretation of a dream according to individual plots

The dream of a staircase is an extremely interesting and ambiguous vision that requires the dreamer's attention to detail. If the one who has seen a dream remembers the main details, then it will be pleasant to interpret dreams, and it is extremely interesting to learn about the future using the subconscious.

Try to concentrate and present a live picture in front of you. So, you go upstairs, or maybe you are just watching someone on it, or the staircase is just a decoration in your dream, it does not matter, this is already a definite sign. It can be interpreted, and if you are ready, then look below for the interpretation of your dream and you will be able to answer the interesting question:

  • Climb a very high staircase, maybe beyond the clouds. Let's start with one of the most pleasant interpretations. Going on very high stairs, especially on transcendental, is a very pleasant interpretation, which will give you success literally on a silver platter. With the same efforts, you will have to wait for double, and even triple success, we suggest the dreamer to remember the size of the ladder in order to think about this factor;
  • If you had to go down or climb the rope ladder, it means success in real life. Rather, it’s true, personal, than professional, nevertheless, you will be able to establish yourself as a good specialist and in the working craft, you will have to try;
  • The rope ladder is specially removed from the window. To see this in your dream means that in real life a part of the problems will be taken over by a loved one, or a part of the problems will be solved by itself. In any case, after a dream with a rope ladder thrown off, an outcome must be expected as a matter of course;
  • The staircase was smooth, beautiful, with some decorations. In many dream books, seeing such a ladder in a dream predicts a rich life for the dreamer, at least an increase in material well-being is exactly waiting for the dreamer who has seen a beautiful view;
  • You saw a lot of stairs. A large number of such constructions is a message from the consciousness that it’s time for you to rest and do it as soon as possible, but it can even come to a swoon;
  • The construction of successive stairs with steps. If in your dreams you dreamed of such an intricate construction, then you should rely only on yourself, since such a road from the stairs symbolizes the life path that the person himself chooses. The result will depend only on him;
  • The ladder falls on you. If it so happens that the ladder (more dangerous if large) has fallen on you, you will run into gossip or betrayal. In any case, the black bar of your life, which you will encounter in the near future, will not greatly aggravate your life;
  • Walk up and down the stairs. You are waiting for torments and doubts that will not end until you understand what you are moving to. In some cases, predicts a divorce in a married couple;
  • You run the stairs. It should be more careful in the relations of colleagues, colleagues and even close friends Do not tell your secrets to anyone;

Interpretation of sleep by famous psychologists and dreammen - Wang, Miller, Loff and Freud

  • Staircase on the astromeridian dream book. A ladder in a dream personifies the path to success, while climbing it, the dreamer ensures the right attitude for himself;
  • Idiomatic dream book. By this kind of dream book, the staircase is also a way up, but only in official activity. In other areas of activity, you need to be 2, 3 times more cautious than usual and do not trust your surroundings much;
  • See the stairs to the small Veles dream. To see a construction means to suffer defeat in the near future, to find a foe or to be deceived;
  • The witch Medea. If you refer to the sources on the Medea Sorceress, then your intellectual abilities, intuition and everyday skills will increase markedly, especially if you go up the stairs, in this case you will also be promoted;
  • Esoteric Flowers. This dream book gives a clear interpretation of the movements on the stairs. To rise means success and the receipt of material benefits, perhaps a quick marriage. But to descend the stairs means to envy your devils, which can lead to a rash decision and the loss of everything the dreamer had;
  • Psychologist Sigmund Freud. Freud warns - the ladder symbolizes your success, which has blinded you for a long time. It is worth remembering those people who helped you at the very beginning and never forget about them. If you fall down the stairs, you will soon be disappointed in the man who was so expensive;
  • Psychotherapeutic dream book. Movement up and down the dream book personifies sexual intercourse, which, quite possibly, is not enough in the life of the dreamer. Or very bored monotonous sex life;