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Bad karma and how to fix it: important nuances


The expression "bad karma" is heard often enough, but few people know what it means. What is it? Fate from which you will not escape? Or certain lessons that need to live and work out? We will get rid of stereotypes and see what the point is.

What is karma?

People used to think that karma is either Destiny. What is destined to man from birth, that can not be corrected. Or the consequences of his actions, most often negative. You do evil - you get negative and suffering in return.

In fact, events are not always mirrored. After all, there are fraudsters whom no one has caught. And pathological traitors who have no end of the opposite sex.

This is because karma is not events happening in life. These are the feelings, emotions that you experience at the time of a particular situation.

For example, for an ordinary person, the theft of his personal property is a lot of stress. Therefore, if he steals, then the negative consequences will certainly. And the avid thief may not care that he can be robbed. Consequently, there will be no karmic punishment for his theft.

The key point that characterizes the whole essence of karma: the world does not mirror your actions, but thoughts. And it is painted emotionally. Therefore, in life most often happens what we fear.

Also on account of karma are counted:

  • Desires from your past lives. For example, in your previous incarnation you passionately dreamed of having three sons. Therefore, in the present life you have them or will appear, although you don’t remember the desire
  • Blessings This is all the help you have ever sincerely given to another person. This is especially true of selfless service. But only if the person to whom the ministry was directed needed him
  • Curses are all your negative emotions: hurt, irritation, pain, anger, frustration. Each act that harms another person has the most effect on life.

How to fix karma?

What to do if you suspect that you have bad karma? Do not worry - it is not necessary to live with her and put up, everything can be completely corrected.

What do we have to do:

  1. Catch yourself on every negative emotion you experience. And try to understand what caused your irritation or resentment. What is the lesson? Why is the interlocutor unpleasant, and his words cause rejection? Most often in people we are disgusted by what is hidden deep in ourselves. What you do not accept and reject
  2. Trite, but treat others the way you would like people to treat you. Start translating positive energy with at least simple actions. Smile to the seller in the supermarket. Say "Thank you!" the driver getting off the bus. Make compliments to all around. Sincerely and sincerely
  3. Take for granted the fact that there are no negative or positive situations. Any event is always neutral, its character depends only on your personal assessment. Consider: the more trouble a person or a situation has brought, the more he needs to be grateful. Because it is a lesson to heal your karma.
  4. Accept as truth and that God will never send you anything bad. Even if it seems that there is no end to the black strip, accept and thank the Higher Forces. Try to understand what lesson is hidden in a series of constant negative. Release the situation and let events evolve naturally

As soon as you learn to open your heart, accept everything that happens, as a Divine plan, stop broadcasting the negative and share the positive, your life will change drastically, and the “bad karma” will be forgotten, like a bad dream.

Hellinger Arrangements

For people who like a scientific approach, a very curious method of psychotherapy, the Hellinger arrangement, will help to correct karma.

In order to participate in them, you need to clearly formulate your problem and find a competent consteller. Several people will be involved in the action:

  • The aligner is an organizer and a psychologist who will tell the participants what to do, carry out the necessary manipulations
  • Deputy - people-actors who will broadcast the state of the actors in your situation
  • The patient is a person whose problem the arrangement must solve

Watch the video about the correction of karma with the help of arrangements:

In the process of arranging a person works out karma, living certain feelings. As a result, he gets rid of them, and repeated negative events stop occurring in life. There is a feeling of relief, as if the load (bad karma), which pressed on the shoulders, is finally dropped.

If you are afraid and do not want to immediately become the main character (client) arrangement, try yourself as a substitute. Helping other people, you clear your karma, because you take upon yourself a part of their mental torments. It will not harm you, will help the person.

There are no accidents

You have to realize that every event happens for a reason. Any person in your life, any situation is part of the karmic scenario of your soul. She chose those parents who have you, your friends, a loved one, the environment in general.

If something bitter happens that causes incredible pain (for example, the death of a loved one), then from the point of view of karma, this means that in your past life you caused such pain to another person.

Basic principles of karma correction:

  1. Live negative emotions completely
  2. Understand that every situation is perfect and is part of the Divine plan.
  3. Negative people are your teachers, and negative situations are lessons that heal your karma. For a lesson to be considered "passed", it is important to accept and accept it with gratitude
  4. Everything that irritates other people and causes your indignation is a part of your soul. It is in you, but rejected

By accepting these facts for truth, replacing negative emotions with gratitude and acceptance, you correct your karma as much as possible. And life will change for the better.