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Dreamed a dream in which you give money: which means


Why dream of giving money is an interesting question. In the dream book, this action is deciphered in different ways. Most often, such a dream is a dream for those who are trying to maintain their financial position in society. Money symbolizes something important, is considered a manifestation of bad and good qualities of a person.

General interpretation

In any dream book, the process of returning money is interpreted as an unfulfilled obligation, the will of the deceased person, or a special action that must be performed to resolve the situation. So dreams are deciphered, if its participants are relatives or familiar people.

To repay the dead

If you dream of borrowing money from a deceased grandmother, in reality there will be disagreements with relatives, disputes over inheritance. If the late grandmother gives you the money, and you take - this is a good dream. She may want to make some guilt in front of you, to help you understand what needs to be done in a certain situation, from which you yourself cannot get out. The same decoding of sleep is suitable for children who take money from their deceased parents.

If your child has died, and in a dream he asks for money to be given to him, then you feel guilty before him, reproach yourself for not done before. To repay in a dream in this case - to learn to be merciful, more attentive. This is the only way to get rid of guilt feelings. If a dream dreams of a husband and wife - they can be better with their new children.

Sometimes it seems that your deceased spouse wants to take the debt, and you give. In this case, a dream means that you still blame yourself, because of this, personal life does not add up. You have to understand what needs to be changed in order for everything to work out.

If in a dream a long-dead husband gives you money, and you take - good times ahead. A woman can easily build relationships with men.

If a son gives money to a deceased mother, this is a dream that has a positive meaning. The man will be fine, he will be able to fulfill the last will of the deceased.

When in a dream, the late wife gives money to her husband, the dream book describes it as building relationships with women. In this case, money in debt is a duty of conscience, fulfillment of desires.

Give money alive

If in a dream someone gives you money, but in reality he doesn’t have anything - the financial situation will worsen, you can be left without finances. You give out money to several people at once - do not tell in reality about your problems, detractors can learn about them.

If you dream that you are required to give money - you will need something to help a person from sleep, to do what he asks. Give him money in a dream - in reality, everything will be quickly resolved.

Give money in parts - wait for something bad, scandals. Small bills, coins - to tears. A large sum is returned to you in large bills - an unexpected profit, the purchase of something expensive.

Dream Psychoanalytics

In psychoanalysts, money is a state of mind. The larger the amount, the more confident the person.

  1. Give a trifle - you are stingy.
  2. To give trifles to the poor - quarrels and conflicts will disappear.
  3. Giving a friend big bills is a hoax, detractors will try to slander you.

Miller's interpretation

Forced to give money - you are waiting for poverty. If in a dream you buy something for yourself - your efforts will pay off, get a reward for your work.

Return of previously borrowed money with interest - pep, ahead of luck.

  • Give gold - you will succeed.
  • To give old debts - to the new in life.
  • Paying money to colleagues - a successful completion of cases.

A trifle has a negative meaning.

  • Salary small denominations - you are not appreciated by either the boss or colleagues.
  • You have given the debt a trifle - the deterioration of financial condition.
  • You have been given a trifle in debt, and you have scattered it - discord in the family, quarrels.

Freund's Dream

According to Freud, if a woman gives small money in a dream, she will be faithful to her husband. A family break means the return of money from one spouse to another.

If a man dreamed that he gave the money to someone - subconsciously, he wants his sexual dreams and desires to be fulfilled. You dream that you will soon need to give money - ahead of the obstacles that do not allow to succeed.

Dream Dream Thelomena

According to this dream book, if you give money, then failures will befall you. Over time, everything will be resolved, but will have to lose something expensive. Give a large sum - hard work ahead, correction of mistakes.

Dreaming maya

In a dream, they give you money - a profitable business is ahead. To make it happen, the Mayans recommended to take a large bill with three identical last figures and carry a week with them.

Parting with money in dreams has a bad meaning. You can steal the idea, a stranger can give your project for your own.

Noble Dream Grishin

  1. See big money - reduced income.
  2. A lot of money - dreams come true.
  3. Losing money is bad luck.
  4. Getting money is a nuisance, a loss.
  5. To repay a debt - you will receive a reward.
  6. Bag with money - health in old age.

French dream book

Count the money given - profit, financial well-being. Dropping money, and then collecting - failure in reality.

Female dream book

Money dreams to travel, a long road.

Dream Miller

If you find money, life changes are for the better. Give money - to failure. Losing money means that now is not the best of times.

They give you a loan - try to look better than you are. Give someone else's money - in reality they expose you, catch you in deception, you can lose your friends.

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