Dream interpretation

Why dreamed a birch: interpreted by dream-books


You can take dreams seriously, but you can not give them any special meaning. Anyway, what you see in a dream can tell a lot not only about yourself, but also about what awaits you in the future. How to understand why this or that object dreams, if each dream book gives its interpretation? Always rely on intuition and listen to the description to which the soul lies.

Birch in a dream almost always symbolizes an unexpected joy, a pleasant surprise. But it concerns only live green tree. Dry or broken birch promises failures and losses, and an intangible one. If in a dream you cut down birch - this is a warning about a possible wrong decision that will harm you and your loved ones.

Birch Grove

The value of sleep depends on various details. The total value of the dreaming lonely birch we dismantled. What does the whole birch grove mean?

If you see a birch forest in the distance, then this indicates a favorable and reliable environment. This means that you can easily rely on people close to you. If you see yourself walking along a birch grove - expect quick useful acquaintances and successful deals. If you get lost among the birches, then do not worry. This is a precursor to a significant increase in your income and the strengthening of the material state.

The autumn grove, where you are surrounded by bare trees or birches, from which leaves are still falling, is a precursor of loss. If you see such a dream, then be careful in choosing those who should be trusted. It is better to refuse to conclude transactions and contracts, most likely they will bring only problems.

Even lush, but already yellowed foliage in a grove warns of a possible separation from your loved one. If such a grove is shaken by the wind - wait for the relationship to break, painful for both of you.

To dream of a spring grove, in earrings and young foliage, is a very good sign. It is a symbol of well-being and success in all matters, both financial and in heart. If in a dream you collect birch sap or make some notches on the trunks, then pay attention to your health. This does not portend serious problems, but requires some attention.

Birch in the dreams of men and women

Many of our, domestic, dream books define birch as a symbol of innocence, purity and female beauty. If a woman had to see a birch in a dream, then it is rather not a warning about anything, a sign that everything is going right. Birch dreams of women mainly in those moments when their feminine principle is revealed to the maximum.

A man in a dream birch promises to meet with the fair sex and the possibility of a close relationship with her. Sometimes this is a kind of hint: pay attention to the girls around you, among them the same one hides.

Birch in a dream - interpretations of various dream books

As we have said, different dream books ascribe completely different meanings to the same objects. In this case, it cannot be argued that one interpretation is more correct, one dream book is worse or better. They all rely on popular experience, psychology and knowledge of human nature. Why dream of a birch, according to different sources?

Sonic Freud

In Z. Freud, everything has a somewhat intimate plan. According to his dream book, birch, dreamed of a girl, foreshadows a speedy love adventure. Such a dream warns of the onset of the sensually new stage of your life.

For an adult woman, birch is a sign of a close encounter with an inexperienced and naive person. It is not a matter of particularly close contact, although such an option is not excluded.

In a man’s dream, a birch symbolizes his desire to meet a young girl. As a rule, this is an expression of desire, but not misunderstanding about the meeting itself.

Chinese dream book: birch

Chinese sages one of the first engaged in the interpretation of dreams. Their dream books are one of the most ancient. Therefore, many people prefer it to them.

In addition to innocence for the Chinese, birch symbolizes a strong and stable relationship. A flowering tree in a dream is a sign of a strong union between lovers. For single people, this is a hint of the proximity of a long-awaited meeting.

Broken birch foreshadows the illness or death of a loved one. A dry tree is a harbinger of conflicts and misunderstandings between lovers.

The value of birch in the dream book G.H. Miller

Mystic G.H.Miller gives the birch the following meaning:

  • green healthy birch, or birch in early autumn means that you will be disappointed in something. This is a sign. I’m sure that what was once valuable will lose its significance for you;
  • winter birch, dried or even birch logs - punishment. You have to pay for the wrong things done;
  • to see in a dream how you get on a birch tree means to foresee troubles in the near future.

Ukrainian national dream book: birch

Why dream of birch on the ancient Ukrainian beliefs? These dream books say that birch is an unexpected good luck, joy. If you see how you approach the birch - the punishment for past transgressions.

Climbing a birch tree in a dream means experiencing pleasant difficulties leading to significant success. A dry, dead tree - grief, trouble and severe shocks.

What interpretation to believe, you decide only. It only depends on you whether to believe in the meaning of dreams at all. But even modern science agrees that a person sees dreams for a reason. Be attentive to yourself and to the fact that you are trying to bring your own consciousness.