Dream interpretation

Angels to dream: interpret according to dream books


Angels in a dream - a rather ambiguous, but definitely rare sign. Most people who have such a vision will have a desire to know what it means. Try to remember as many details as possible from your dream (what the angel said, how he appeared, what he did, etc.), and then we will be able to understand what the angel says in your dream.

What does the angel dream about Miller’s dream book?

Angels foreshadow changes, changes in your destiny. It is important to remember what kind of mood the dream had: if it was cheerful and bright, it means that the changes will be successful, you may receive pleasant news or an inheritance; and if in general the atmosphere of sleep was sad and depressing, and the angel’s face was somehow mournful, then it calls you to repentance and says that you will worry a lot about something, although in reality everything is better than you it seems.

If you have recently done a kind act, then you will definitely be rewarded, and if something is not very good, then you will be rewarded.

What does an angel dream about Grishin's dream book?

  • If you saw an angel in a dream, wait for joy, blessing from above.
  • If the angel was with a fiery sword, it means that you do not develop spiritually or develop badly.
  • If the angel was holding a burning heart in his hands, then the trials of great love will soon begin in your life, which will be difficult to handle.
  • The angel that brings you a wreath tells you that you are imperfect and you have to admit it, as well as the great works that will fall on your head.
  • Kissing you in a dream angel indicates that soon you will find your vocation from which you cannot evade, and it is not necessary, because it will bring you only joy.
  • If the angel leans over you, it means that in the coming trouble you will be given a helping hand, thanks to which you will be able to scramble out.
  • If an angel disperses the darkness with its appearance, it means that you will have a ray of hope for a good end to something that seemed no longer to be resolved.
  • If the angels appeared in the nightmare, but did not make it brighter, a completely new, special way of suffering awaits you.
  • Fight in a dream with an angel - to overcome the evil, to open up to the good.
  • Angels, cleansing your eyes or ears, advise you to look at the world differently, open your eyes - perhaps in this case you will find something new in life that you will like. In rare cases, this means opening up the gift of clairvoyance.
  • If an angel says something to you, then you should remember his words, because the whole truth is hidden in them.

Dreamworld Angel Vanga

  • To see an angel in a dream is an auspicious sign, a quiet and happy life awaits you.
  • If an angel appeared at someone over his head, it means that soon this person will not be in this world, he is already awaited in heaven.
  • If the angel you dreamed was behind someone unknown to you, then death awaits a respected and high-ranking person with whom you personally know and have a good attitude. However, if the angel was behind the person you know, the higher forces help him, but your help will not interfere with him either, because, obviously, he will be in trouble.
  • If in a dream you yourself were an angel, then a dream indicates to you that you are mis-distributing incomes. You have not given money to anyone for a long time, and you should share a little with your family or donate it to something, because wealth can disappear in an instant.
  • If an angel calls you to heaven or you drink water from his hands, then you better pay your attention to health, you are threatened with a serious illness.

In any case, the angel is always a blessing. Listen carefully or try to remember what the angel says, because it is often very important.

According to the dream book Taflisi

Taflisi argues that in most cases, the dreaming angel heralds that you can easily bypass all enemies and ill-wishers, and in the end bring it to life. However, if:

  • The angel had a sad expression on his face - grief, troubles and disappointment will fall on you too.
  • The angel sounded the trumpet — you should be less conflicted, because it would lead to quarrels and unwanted enemies.
  • The vital angel of death is above you - you will have trouble at work, even dismissal. To avoid this, treat responsibilities with more responsibility and scrupulousness, try not to quarrel with colleagues and higher.

According to the dream book for the whole family

  • All problems will be a thing of the past, peace and tranquility will come.
  • If you are an angel in your dream, it means that someone from your loved ones will need help, and in your power to give it to them.
  • If the angel you dreamed was dark, you should get rid of your doubts and anguish about your actions, as they are meaningless and groundless. Do not regret anything.
  • If an angel called you behind you, something threatening your health or the health of someone you know.
  • A sad or even crying angel in your dream encourages you to think about your actions, perhaps you recently gave up your own morality and conscience.
  • But if the angel smiled, real love will soon await you, the main thing is to recognize it in time and not to miss it.

According to the mythological dream book

According to the mythological dream book, the angel of death looks like an old woman in black, an indifferent woman with a black veil or without a face, or a gray or black baby and warns about death, suffering, bad luck, knowledge that will bring only misfortune.

Angels - innocent babies, slender beautiful young men or bright warriors - mean help, protection, blessing.