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How to understand that you have been jinxed: signs


How to understand that they jinxed you? There are certain symptoms and signs with which you can determine if there are traces of a magical effect on you. Also, for the diagnosis of damage or the evil eye, special rites are used. Consider the topic in detail.

Looking for traces of black magic

Damage or the evil eye - this is a negative magical intervention in human life, and magic, especially dark, always leaves traces. Therefore, we will tell you how to understand what's wrong with you or the evil eye, and you are looking for the listed signs on yourself.

The most common symptoms of the evil eye or defacement are as follows:

  1. Suffering health. A person's immunity falls, chronic diseases become more acute, he feels bad, is often sick, can completely catch an incomprehensible sore, the reason for which doctors are unable to determine
  2. If the damage or the evil eye was imposed in order to separate you from your loved one, problems in the relationship may arise. These are conflicts, quarrels, quarrels. You seem to stop hearing each other, the partner is incredibly annoying and it seems that you were mistaken with the choice of life partner
  3. You didn’t have time to recover from one disease, as soon as you get sick with something else
  4. Suffers financial well-being and career issues. A person under the action of the evil eye can be fired, fined. He may lose all his fortune and property due to an unforeseen event.

Remarkable is the fact that the perpetrator of the damage could jinx you unconsciously, not on purpose. This happens when a person has a strong envy of other people's success. No wonder they say that happiness loves silence. Less praise your success - the fewer people will envy you, the more you are protected from accidental evil eye.

How to understand that you have been jinxed or corrupted by common symptoms:

  1. You began to tire quickly, often break out and found extreme distraction. Of course, these signs can be attributed to damage only if you have never noticed such phenomena in your life.
  2. A person who has been jinxed is distinguished by extreme slowness and inhibition of reactions. He always has a lost appearance: it feels like a child, lost in the crowd and lost his mother
  3. Not able to take the initiative in any, even the most elementary situation. The brain as if refuses to generate ideas, a person becomes dependent on help and decisions of others
  4. Often angry, annoyed, with or without. Because of this, relations with loved ones, and with the whole environment in principle, can seriously deteriorate.
  5. It provokes quarrels and conflicts with family members, with colleagues, even in public places can make a scandal and involve completely strangers in it. There is also a serious aggravation of long-established conflicts.
  6. A person constantly feels an unpleasant tingling, sometimes a burning sensation in the solar plexus area.

Symptoms are very different. But the difficulty is that even if you know how to understand what's wrong with you, you can never be sure of using only these methods.

Some of them are characteristic of quite ordinary people, in respect of whom no one performed magical rites. For example, irritability or fatigue may be symptoms of normal fatigue.

How to understand whether you have damage or the evil eye: folk ways

There are simple rituals that are used by the people in order to determine whether there is damage to a person. One of these rituals is the diagnosis of spoilage using ordinary chicken eggs.

Take a fresh egg and pour pure water into a glass beaker. There are nuances:

  • Check that the egg is fresh. Dip it in the water - foul pop up, fresh will sink to the bottom
  • Water must be distilled or thawed. Ideal - spring water. But this is not available to everyone, so try to at least use water from a natural source.
  • You will not be able to check yourself for the evil eye or damage alone, so ask someone from relatives or close friends to help you. It is very important that this person also believes in magical rites, not a skeptic

In the afternoon, sit on a chair. Your assistant should stand behind and set a glass of water on your head. With one hand, he holds the container, and the other - breaks the egg straight into the glass. Then wait a few minutes and examine the contents of the glass:

  • If the water and the egg have not undergone any changes, you are all right. The water should remain clear, the egg - its normal color
  • If the water has become turbid, and the egg is pierced with white thin threads, this is an alarming sign. He says that the damage on you, most likely, is

If the rite has confirmed that you have traces of black magic, remove the glass with the egg on the balcony or in another secluded place. After nine days, the egg that is rotten in water should be poured under the tree. It is advisable to find a place where the foot of a person rarely steps.

Watch the video on how to identify the evil eye:

What if you are jinxed?

Independently to get rid of strong damage to the ordinary person, if he does not have a very powerful energy, it is almost impossible. It is necessary to turn to people who have extrasensory and healing abilities.

Prayers, talismans and a sincere appeal to God with a request to help will help get rid of the evil eye. True, this method is unlikely to suit atheists. But even people who are far from religion usually do not believe in the evil eye, preferring to be treated in traditional ways.

Important: if the evil eye is accompanied by poor health, do not rely only on the power of prayers and healing plots. Be sure to consult your doctor to solve the problem from all sides.