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How to find out compatibility in love by date of birth


We will describe how to determine compatibility by date of birth, based on modern methods of calculation. Read how to calculate compatibility, what to consider, what to look for.

Calculation methods

There are certain rules and recommendations that must be considered:

  • Do not try to find a partner that is 100% suitable for you in all respects. Such perfect compatibility almost never occurs.
  • Compatibility can not be both absolutely positive and absolutely negative - consider this. It happens that a person does not fit according to some criteria, but the relationship with him is wonderful.
  • The following parameters are taken into account when calculating compatibility:
    • Chakras and human biorhythms - how much they coincide emotionally;
    • Zodiac signs - zodiac compatibility is one of the main ones on which modern methods of calculation rely;
    • Pythagorean Psychomatrix - the calculation takes into account how similar your parameters are according to numerological tables.

Important: if the calculation showed that you are not very compatible with your partner, this is no reason to end the relationship. These calculations only indicate what strengths and weaknesses of your union exist. They can be considered when solving conflicts in a pair.

According to the signs of the zodiac with decoding

Zodiacal compatibility is calculated based on the relative position of the Suns at the birth of a partner. The ideal position is considered to be when the angle between the Sun of a man and a woman is 120 degrees in the couple's zodiac map. Also, a couple is ideal for each other, if their element of the zodiac is protected by the same element.

For example, Virgo and Taurus are well compatible, because both signs are under the auspices of the elements of the Earth.

Good compatibility can be at an angle in the map of 60 degrees - an example of such a pair could be the union of Capricorn and Scorpio.

But rather tense, conflicting relations await Gemini and Sagittarius, Libra and Rakov. Their union will be filled with quarrels, disagreements and mutual claims.

By year of birth

When calculating compatibility by year of birth, the difference in the age of partners is mainly taken into account. Favorable is the difference, the numerical value of which is a multiple of two. For example, 2, 4, 8 years. If this number is a multiple of three or an odd number, problems and differences can arise in the relationship.

Numerological compatibility

Most information about the compatibility of a pair by date of birth can be given by analyzing their numerological tables. Read how to create such tables in this article.

After compiling the tables, it is necessary to determine the type of union. It can be mirror, fate, vector or karmic:

  1. Relationships like "Mirror" often occur in people who are very similar, endowed with the same character traits. In such a pair, partners usually have common hobbies, interests, goals in life. When dating, love and affection usually appear immediately.
  2. Relationships like "Fate" usually do not appear immediately. People can communicate for a long time as colleagues or friends without experiencing romantic feelings for each other. But then comes the understanding - it is "the very second half." And either he or no one. Such a union is usually very strong. This is a symbiosis of two opposites. People complement each other and develop together
  3. The karmic union is the most difficult. In such a pair, partners have a strong, irresistible attraction to each other, which cannot be controlled. This is a "sick" relationship. It is impossible to leave them until the couple creates any Creation. This may be a common business, a child, some kind of common cause. After the execution of such a mission usually follows the separation.
  4. The vector union is the most unpredictable. How the relationship will develop will not depend on Fate, but on the actions and deeds of both partners. Only they can decide whether to build happy harmonious relationships or create a tense, complex tandem in which no one will be happy.

About the definition of the type of union, read in detail in this article.

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According to the psychomatrix of Pythagoras

Another numerological way to calculate compatibility by date of birth involves the use of the Pythagorean psychomatrix. Here, read how to create a psychomatrix for each of the partners.

After compiling the tables, it is necessary to analyze which qualities are the same and which differ. As a result of the analysis, it will become clear what “acute angles” can arise in a relationship, and what qualities bring people together.

Pay special attention to:

  • 3-5-7 diagonal. It characterizes the temperament of a person. It will help you to understand how sexually compatible you are. Ideally, if the values ​​along this diagonal of the partners coincide. This suggests that in the physical plane there will be no problems
  • The second row of the table. She is responsible for the pursuit of family and marriage. For example, if a woman has this indicator is high, and a man is at zero, they are unlikely to succeed in building strong and serious relationships, because a man does not seek them.

Also pay attention to the values ​​that will indicate the qualities that are important to you. For example, if you are looking for responsibility and a sense of duty in a man, look at the number in his figure of eights. If they are absent, then there are no desired qualities in the character of a man.