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What ears are burning: interpretation of omens


Our body is very sensitive to any external stimuli. And it happens that without any reason, it starts to scratch something or there is an inexplicable feeling of heat (cheeks, ears). What are the ears burning? Let's clarify this issue in this article.

Ears are burning what that means

People from times of distant antiquity watched closely for physiological changes, believed that they had a certain sacred meaning.

For example, when your nose was itching, it means that it is said that there will be a feast with a lot of alcohol or a fight. With a burning sensation in the legs - it is worth preparing for a trip to another country. When the ears are burning, what is it for? Let's find out.

The most popular interpretation of this sign says that someone remembers a person right now. We all are in fact energy bunches that differ in their density and other characteristics.

Some people are more than others prone to the susceptibility of someone else's energy (they are also called empats or orchids people). In this case, they will easily, even at a great distance, feel that they are being discussed. Their bodies are sensitive to this, showing a variety of reactions.

As for burning ears, here it plays a big role, which ear burns, as well as in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon or at night it happens.

This is what the old Russian omen says:

  • your right ear is glowing - you are commended, or they speak truthfully about you;
  • Left - discuss, tell stories about your person.

Consider in more detail further.

When the left ear is burning

According to popular folk signs, if the left ear is burning, it means that someone remembers a person, or just thinks about it. And it all happens in a not very positive context.

It is possible, for example, that at such a moment slander is actively spreading about you, someone discusses and condemns behind your back. Or, in the worst case, a plan for causing any harm is thought out.

Or features of your character, behavior patterns cause a flow of negative emotions in others. They express them right now: they scold, curse, or simply discuss all the negative things they have experienced. That is what the left ear can suddenly burn.

But it should be taken into account that the reliability of the above signs increases if a person, in addition to the ear, experiences other discomfort. For example, its shivering, the pressure or body temperature rises, there is a faint state and so on.

In addition, there is another belief. It explains the phenomenon of a flaming left ear from a more positive side. It is likely that someone you know just mentioned you in a conversation. But it is absolutely not necessary that this was done with malicious intent.

If the right ear is burning

A flushed right ear, according to signs, is considered a more favorable sign. There is an opinion that his "ignition" is provoked by a good speech about a person.

There are such variations omens:

  • an unexpected and gratuitous reddening of the right ear - indicates that the person has just been commended about the person;
  • if you're wondering who it was, you can check it out. It is necessary to immediately begin to sort out mentally potential "candidates". When you reach the right name, the ear should immediately change its color to normal;
  • however, they single out another interpretation of the phenomenon being described. It is radically different from previous versions and says that a certain person is persistently trying to find your contacts (address, telephone, mail, place of work, and others). But what is the purpose of the search operation - about such a sign to tell, alas, not the strength;
  • redness of the right ear still happens when you are talking on the phone, while someone is trying to actively reach the second line;
  • or a different interpretation - the ear has changed color, since in a not so distant time you made a promise that you did not fulfill. It is not excluded that they have agreed on something, about which they subsequently safely forgotten. And the ear was flushed like cancer, trying to remind about the existing agreement. Since it is likely that the person to whom the promise was made, remembers him and tries to get in touch.

What are the ears burning omen

In most cases, one ear begins to glow. But sometimes it happens that both blush. In such a situation, the interpretation of omens will be as follows: a certain person thinks hard of you. All this is accompanied by strong emotions, however, it is impossible to establish whether it is positive or negative.

The appearance in addition to burning ears and more hiccups or other signs affect the characteristics of omens. So, if not only the ears, but also the cheeks, the whole face began to glow, it means that you are actively washing the bones. And not one person does this, but several at once.

Or, as another option, the reddened both ears foreshadow a personal meeting with someone who is now actively thinking about you.

Communication omens and day of the week

Some try to interpret this sign to take into account also the day when you feel the heat. It is believed that this will help to more accurately understand what really happened.

  • at Monday - you have a detractor who actively discusses your life behind your back because it is very jealous. True, this explanation is suitable only for the morning hours of the day. And if the ears are hot in the afternoon or in the evening - there will be a conflict situation;
  • in Tuesday - The red ear will bring bad news for lovers, they have to break. And everything will happen very sad. For lonely people, belief changes, though not for the better - heralds deception and false discussions;
  • Wednesday - is a much more positive day. Glowing ears on Wednesday promise a romantic meeting soon (if the action takes place in the morning). And in the daytime - beware of the wiles of your envious. What ears burn in the evening - to flirt, romantic news, and, perhaps, even to new relationships in which you will experience many unforgettable moments and sensations;
  • Thursday - the fourth day of the week will tell about the receipt of good news;
  • Friday - reddened ears will be an indicator of a long-awaited meeting with a loved one;
  • Saturday - If the ears are ablaze in the evening hours, then it is worth preparing for trouble. But when this happened at any other time - you can not worry about anything, all the misfortunes will bypass the tenth way;
  • Sunday - will be a positive day for red ears. It foreshadows in the near future financial profit.

In addition, strongly reddened ears signal a strong emotional experience. That is why, probably, they will often be interpreted as accepting the long-awaited meeting.

They can also talk about changing weather conditions. You were born in the warm season? Then the sign promises fast warming, just like the other way around.

What if flaming ears start to seriously disturb you? Esotericism suggests that any gossip and gossip should be washed off with the help of water. Therefore, run to the bathroom, wash your face with cold water - and everything should pass soon. Or you can do it differently: in Holland, it is advised to bite your tongue against flaming ears. It is considered that then the gossip will bite its own and the gossip stream will stop.

Scientific versions

It is interesting to analyze not only the national signs, but also to turn to the data of official science. What do the heat-giving ears tell in it?

On enhanced brain activity

Scientists at the Australian National University (Canberra) have recently conducted an experiment on the subject in question. The researchers were unequivocal in their conclusions: according to them, as a rule, reddening of the ears indicates increased brain activity.

Everything happens very simply: with increased brain activity, the affected area of ​​the brain needs an additional portion of oxygen. Oxygen begins to spread through the cells of the brain through the bloodstream. Which in turn provokes increased blood flow, part of which is in the auricles. This causes redness.

Indeed, using such a theory one could easily and simply explain reddening ears. The truth is, there is one discrepancy: why then students and students, when they pass exams, do not face a similar problem? After all, then it would be logical to assume that due to any intense mental work this phenomenon should arise. However, practice shows that everything is completely wrong.

On the effects of frost on the skin

Sometimes you can not even guess about the fact that faced with frostbite ears. Of course, if you mean his light degree. Then the redness appears due to a strong rush of blood to the frostbitten area with impaired blood circulation.

There is nothing to argue such a version, because, firstly, it is scientifically confirmed, and, secondly, it is very logical.

About the effects of heat

When the temperature on the thermometer increases, the human body tries to get rid of the internal heat. An effective method of cooling is to ensure that the blood rises to the skin.

Therefore, under the influence of high temperatures, many people experience reddening of the face, sweating of palms. And other people - their ears turn red.

It turns out that there are a lot of reasons for your hearing organs to begin to turn purple: both esoteric and scientific. What is relevant in a particular case - it is necessary to understand, analyzing the situation and all its components.

Finally, I propose to complete the reading with a thematic video preview: