Dream interpretation

What does it mean to catch a big fish in a dream?


Prophetic dreams, the interpretation of images or images seen, the expectation of any events, meetings - each person is disturbed by dreams. A reminder of events, excitement after experienced meetings, echoes of a science fiction film - our emotional state is reflected in our dreams. In this article we will understand what it means to catch a big fish in a dream. What promises such an image? What to expect in the future?

Fishing in a dream general interpretation

Since ancient times, the fish itself was a symbol of a lucky streak in life. But you can see in dreams the inhabitants of the water kingdom can be absolutely in different circumstances.

It may be a fish:

  • splashing or dead;
  • caught in the net;
  • floating away;
  • in a pure reservoir or muddy waters;
  • on the table as a dish;
  • striking in size (whales);
  • speaking (and that, and it happens).

Each case is interpreted in its own way. Both the fish itself and the circumstances in which it dreamed were extremely important. For proper understanding, you need to peer into the signs and distinguish sensations in a dream.

The most ancient understanding of such a dream is a happy love, a family prosperous and peaceful life, but with its own clarifications.

Importance for young unmarried girls

  1. Long-awaited meeting with your loved one.
  2. If a girl holds a fish in her hands - quick wedding.
  3. The fish has a bright color or red color - the betrothed will be rich.

For a young woman

  1. To pregnancy. Fish such as carp, catfish or bream - wait for the boy, pike - the girl.
  2. The fish spilled out of their hands - deception, lies, empty promises.
  3. There is a living (!) Fish - to suffer from unrequited love or even to the infidelity of the chosen one.
  4. To feed the cat with a live fish - you will start to conflict yourself with your beloved, to the extent that you initiate your soul mate to betrayal or just the collapse of the relationship.

Total value for all

  1. To see and fail to catch - to the trouble, big trouble at home or in the service, or to the disease.
  2. The fish swimming away from you is a strong, ill-treatable disease.
  3. The fish in the well is a quick change of duty station and not at will.
  4. Swim yourself among the fish - to conflict, quarrel with loved ones.
  5. A fish of bright color floating around you or in variegated color - wonderful joyful and fun days will replace discord and trouble. Red fish in an aquarium symbolize a steady income.
  6. If a fish got into your hands in a strange way (from the sky, from under the ground, etc.) - wait for an imminent disaster, cataclysms, various misfortunes.
  7. The fish trembles in your arms - quick glory, recognition of merit.
  8. Scale cleaning - recount money.

A person who releases a fish in a dream in the hope of catching more, but never catching it, in reality will meet with disappointments and losses for a long time. If you dream about just a giant fish - this is a guarantee of profitable, large projects, deals. Cooking a fish dish means preparing for the news in the near future. If the fish is fried or smoked: experiences are waiting for you and, moreover, for some reason to lead unkindly.

We are looking for an explanation in the dream book

Interestingly different popular dream books interpret their versions, what dreams a big fish in a dream. In Miller's interpreter, the big fish promises a generous gift of fate. Sleep has a positive and negative aspect. So, if a fish is caught in clear waters, then you will soon expect well-being and not necessarily money. This is an opportunity that must be managed. For young ladies, fishing foreshadows a meeting with a loved one.

Negative sense - if the fish is dead or rotten, then there comes a time of loss and testing. A difficult life period is waiting for you to catch a fish with your bare hands in your sleep.

In Tsvetkova’s dream book, dead fish foreshadows a disease. But if in a dream she is caught, then hopes will come true. The fish is just big and alive - good luck and money. In the Freudian interpreter, a dream in which you cannot catch a healthy fish speaks about the fear of suffering a fiasco in the intimacy. If a male in a dream eats a fish, rather, in the sexual sphere, he is an egoist.

Dream Vanga

Seen fish is treated to the emergence of surrounded by enemies. If in a dream you grabbed her - a good sign, meaning that ill-wishers who have prepared a trap will get there themselves. But it is not necessary to relax, you must be "fully armed" to avoid unpleasant situations.

Dream Interpretation warns of difficult times, if you dream of a fish without scales. You yourself or your family will seriously hurt or will be difficult to solve problems. If a big fish dreamed of a child or a mature man, expects them stunning and they will be able to achieve quickly what they dreamed of.

Forerunner fish

In most cases, if the big fish is dead, it is a warning that plans and aspirations will be in vain, they will not come true. For this reason, after such a dream, it makes sense to rethink our plans, it may be necessary to abandon the plan and focus on the really important and interesting.

When a reservoir where dark fish that are taken off swims means that you are under constant observation, someone evaluates how you behave your actions and actions with a specific purpose. And in the case of swimming fish in a dirty aquarium, you are being watched to harm.

It is very important to understand and appreciate your feeling and condition correctly. If the dream and the fish itself caused fear, alertness and panic, the dream does not bode well. If you woke up after what you saw in a dream pacified, then in real life joyful successful events and material prosperity await.