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Conspiracy to love: 3 mutual love rituals


Love is one of the pledges of female happiness and occupies an important place in the life of each person of the fair sex. But, unfortunately, it often happens that love feelings for a guy or a man remain undivided. Such situations occurred in ancient times, and the girls, in order to cause reciprocity in their beloved, turned to the help of magic and read a conspiracy so that the beloved would love. Love magic has not lost its demand among our contemporaries.

Features of the practical use of love plots

A conspiracy to a loved one does not have any special restrictions on the performer - both very young girls and women of mature age can turn to him, because every woman is worthy of simple female happiness. Many love spells have come down to us from deep antiquity and, if they are executed without error, they can lead to amazing results. Often conspiracy to love loved requires the performer of a specific set of actions - a ritual.

The prerequisite for applying a conspiracy to the love of a young man or man can be several situations:

  • when a girl wants to fall in love with a boyfriend who is handsome to her and dear to her heart;
  • when a young lady wants to return the love of a young man whom she had to part with for any reason;
  • when the wife wishes to return the cooled or faded feelings of her spouse.

A conspiracy against a loved one, correctly pronounced and carried out with all the requirements in mind, will contribute to the appearance or renewal of tender feelings for the man in the man, and will also strengthen and strengthen the existing sympathy. In order for the ritual to work properly, its implementation should take into account the following conditions:

  1. The guy or the man against whom the conspiracy to love is read must be familiar. To cause love in a person who is not at all familiar with the performer will fail.
  2. The performer of the ceremony should at least minimally (at the level of “hi-bye”) maintain communication with the object of her uplifting. The closer and closer they communicate with each other, the faster the results will follow, the more effective they will be.
  3. Absolutely all the actions and conditions that are contained in the instructions for the conspiracy must be exactly implemented. Attention requires the most minor even at first glance, the little things.
  4. The text of the conspiracy to love loved, you need to pronounce from memory, having learned it by heart. Magic is not welcome reading on a piece of paper.
  5. Appeal to conspiracy on a loved one should only be in periods of well-being, in a good mood. It is impossible to conduct a ceremony during a time even during a small illness or illness.
  6. The best time to make love plots is the growth phase of the moon.

Any representative of the beautiful half of humanity is capable of falling in love with a guy or a man of interest. To do this, it is enough to call love magic to your aid and to carry out one of the conspiracies aimed at invoking the reciprocal feelings at the object of your glorification.

The conspiracy to love loved: proven and strong rituals

Conspiracy from unrequited feelings

This plot is read on photo or personal item of the belovedthat does not reciprocate your feelings. In addition, one ritual will be needed. black candle - you need to scratch it with a needle or cut out the guy's name with a knife.

A photograph or personal thing should be put on the table, and a candle with the name of a guy should be put on it. Light a candle and say the words of the spell:

“I ask the Lord God to miraculously give my thoughts and feelings to touch the heavenly cloud so that it will accept my aspirations, and will show him my heart the way to meet with the one about whom my sufferings are. I call upon the words and feelings of the power of the Lord from the cloud to shed rain on my beloved (boyfriend's name) so that the water, having touched him, desire and the path gave him - the desire to meet with me and the path to me. May the heavenly cloud, led by the power of the Lord, find the way to where it is now (the name of the guy), and a drop of heavenly moisture will revive his heart, and the soul of my soul will receive its soul. I know that the Lord God heard me, and for the help I thank Him! Amen".

The text is pronounced exactly as many times as necessary to burn the candle to the end. At this moment, strange and frightening phenomena can occur in the room, especially with a candle, but you should not be afraid of them and stop the ritual. This is a sign of the concentration of strong and dense energy around the performer.

When the candle burns out, its cinder and all other ritual objects should be taken to the intersection of 4 roads and left there. Leave the intersection should be quickly, without looking back.

A conspiracy on a loved one: to return the love of a former guy

The conspiracy can be used in the event that the beloved left you, and the love for him is still burning in your heart, and there is a strong desire to return him and revive his faded feelings.

Attributes of the accompanying rite: personal item of the beloved or a gift given to them, matches, a sheet of paper with the text of the conspiracy written on it:

“(Name of the beloved), my love, come back to me.

May I dream you in a dream.

May I only be in your thoughts

you alone love me.

Luna, please help me

return to me my favorite.

As soon as I speak everything -

I will love you. ”

With all the attributes go at night, when the moon is growing, at the intersection of 4 roads. Face north and memorize a plot to be loved, written on a piece of paper. Read the plot and the second time, only in the reverse order, from the last line to the first. After that, the sheet with the spell must be burned, the resulting ash dispel on all 4 sides. Then leave without regret at the crossroads a gift (personal thing) of a loved one and leave the place without turning around.

Returning home, read thrice the prayer “Our Father” - It will help to neutralize the negative sides of the ritual. Usually this conspiracy on the loved one gives the first results in three days.

See also strong conspiracy on your loved one in this video:

The conspiracy to love loved: a ritual for married ladies

A strong conspiracy to help return the love of her husband, if his feelings for his wife cooled. The wife should read the text three times, looking at the growing month. The words in it are:

“If I stand on the church’s doorstep, I will preserve my family. My dear husband (spouse's name), give me your peace. I stand before you, and behind me is the holy protective icon. I bow to her, let me stand up to the altar. I gave a slave (spouse's name) my heart and my soul. So now he would be jealous of me, never let go of him anywhere. I would love, shore and caressed. As a mother suffers in her children, so you will suffer for me, love me and wait, never change. Strong and true my word! Amen".

This is one of the most effective conspiracies. Especially his action is well manifested in respect of married couples in the church.