Dream interpretation

Sign: the pigeon flew in and sat on the window sill outside the window


Our ancestors paid special attention to the issue of various signs, superstitions and beliefs. They believed that certain phenomena occurring in our world, sometimes even minor, can have a strong influence on human life. In particular, the sign was quite popular when the pigeon sat on the window-sill outside the window. We will consider it in detail in this material.

Let's understand in stages. If the bird is already sitting on your window sill, then this foreshadows you receiving some kind of news, but not necessarily bad. Many people believe that this belief predicts negative events (such as death, destruction, loss, frustration, and the same plan). But in reality, this is by no means the case, so don’t be in a hurry to worry.

Although there are a number of superstitions that say that pigeons are capable of anticipating disaster. And if this feathered comrade settled near your window, you do not need to prepare for misfortune - it will simply protect your home from various troubles. But if he leaves you, then you will need to be wary and closely monitor the events taking place in your life. This is a kind of signal from above, which cannot be ignored.

How is the behavior of the pigeon outside the window

  • If the feathery just sits on the window sill, then it most likely portends good news that relates to work or family life.
  • If a bird holds a twig or leaf in its beak, this will indicate a quick addition of your family or a good financial profit.
  • Sometimes pigeons begin to "dance" directly on the windowsill - this behavior of birds predicts the coming of guests to your house soon. In this case, the number of birds outside the window will depend on how large the company will be.
  • It happens that in the winter time of the year the birds simply fly to the windowsill to warm themselves without carrying with them any sacral news. Anyway, we do not advise you to ignore this situation, because pigeons are able to perfectly feel negative energy and they never fly to a bad house. Give him some bread crumbs, thereby saving the feathered person from starvation.

Considering the signs when the pigeons sat on the windowsill, you should pay attention to their number. So, if you watch a sweet couple of cooing doves outside the window, this is a sign of a quick wedding. Pigeons are family birds, so take a closer look at their behavior.

  • If the birds sit quietly side by side - it portends a peaceful and happy married life.
  • They constantly fight, flap their wings and shout loudly - their life will be unfavorable - it is likely that the marriage will soon disintegrate.

Therefore, take a closer look at their mutual behavior.

Our ancestors came up with an explanation for this phenomenon. Biologists know that chicks who have recently left the maternal nest and are learning the basics of flight do not yet know how to control the trajectory of their flight. Therefore, they can simply not cope "with control" and accidentally crash into your window.

In addition, the quality of flight is influenced by the presence of electromagnetic radiation from various instruments. You should not immediately raise panic about this. But if the bird beats on the glass, and then falls dead, then it portends trouble or even the death of a close relative.

The bird can also fly to the windowsill and start knocking on the window with its beak. This is also not a good phenomenon - it predicts unkind news that will ruin your plans. Do not let the bird into the house, so as not to increase the degree of problems.

Negative signs about pigeons

Many people are piously convinced that the arrival of a pigeon marks the death of a close relative or a person living in a house.

Quite a bad sign is considered if the pigeon first hit the glass, and then was able to get into your house, even despite the closed window. In this case, you need to be as attentive as possible! Thus, feathered indicates to you a possible danger or misfortune. Do not ignore such signs of fate, and if you have any disturbing situations, give them special attention.

Also, until the bird is in your home, it means that the news has not been conveyed. In fact, you have nothing to fear until you let him into the house.

The belief that when a pigeon flies past a window of a seriously ill person is very popular, it foreshadows his imminent death.

Since ancient times, pigeons are considered god’s birds, which are revered and carefully preserved. Killing a feathered man takes on a huge sin. This is known to all, even young children.

It is also believed that in the guise of these birds, the souls of our ancestors arrive on earth. Therefore, people who killed pigeons will be doomed to long-term disasters and face many problems, or they may even give up their lives.

It is known that pigeons are able to feel nature very well with all its phenomena. So, if on a hot sunny day a pigeon arrives on the window sill and sits in the shade, it will foreshadow precipitation in the very near future. The feathered weather forecaster will help to precisely control the appearance of rain, because he foreshadows it in just a couple of hours.

In ancient times, our far-distant ancestors did not worry about signs when a pigeon is sitting on a window sill (to be more precise, then there was no window sill in principle). This has always indicated the appearance of certain news, but of what kind of plan - here it was already necessary to think carefully.

Anyway, negative thoughts always have a huge role on our lives and are able to really attract misfortune, so try to think as positively as possible and try to see positive things in everything, and not vice versa.