Dream interpretation

Signs by the month of the month and day of the week


The ancient cultures attached a mystical significance to everything in the world, and certainly did not avoid female physiology:
thanks to her, the human race continues, what could be more significant from the point of view of people who are familiar with the extinction of entire tribes? Modern people inherited numerous prohibitions, superstitions and signs of the monthly.

Signs at the beginning of difficult days of the month predict success or failure of the woman herself, while all sorts of prohibitions (it is considered a bad sign to do this or that when “Aunt Asya arrived”) were considered to concern the welfare of others.

Who does not want to cook or bathe the child when the stomach hurts, can refer to the signs, if for the family this argument is stronger than bad health.

The first day of menstruation is the day when the blood began. It is easy to track, so there will be no problem with determining the time. Moreover, a woman usually begins to feel in a special way a few days before a "pleasant" event.

If signs of the month, day of the week and time of day promise you the same thing - it will surely come true! Opposite predictions do not neutralize each other, but hint that this will happen one after the other.

Signs on the date of the month

  1. Waiting for you happiness and luck in business.
  2. Someone you disappoint or annoy.
  3. Are possible quarreling and hard showdown. Here we must remember that it is not your duty to extinguish conflicts. Let it rage, it is useful for relationships.
  4. Joy and fun will be your companions.
  5. it to gifts! From relatives, acquaintances - or from the very fate.
  6. Gossip. Their consequences may not be catastrophic, but still unpleasant.
  7. Are coming problems in love relationships.
  8. Foreshadow jealousy, and not yours, but from the side of passion. It's time to put forever suspect partner treason in place!
  9. Within a month will have to overcome Problems.
  10. Luck in love affairs. There may be a pleasant meeting that will spill over into a novel, or a new round of existing relations.
  11. Fidelity dear be with you.
  12. New acquaintance who may soon be new lover. True, not necessarily good.
  13. TO difficulties and problems at work and in everyday life.
  14. Fate has prepared you a lot happiness!
  15. Soon you will be overtaken bad news.
  16. People around you will be especially sensitive to what you say; it can lead to contention.
  17. TO separation with a partner.
  18. Will appear new love - or the old will be reborn with the same force.
  19. You will overtake love feeling. Unfortunately, it may not be happy.
  20. Again about love - but this time unrequited.
  21. TO deception by loved ones. Healthy suspicion did not harm anyone!
  22. To financial success, profit, cash receipts. The best day!
  23. Offers pleasant surprises.
  24. Not far off a big event celebration.
  25. Will be held getting to know a nice person.
  26. TO support and understanding from friends and acquaintances.
  27. Even the most daring plans are a success. It's time to act!
  28. To small monetary gain. This is the end of the month.
  29. You are threatened the difficulties and poor physical and mental well-being.
  30. Strong friendship or happy love will come into your life.
  31. Fate has again prepared a pleasant surprise, good luck and joy.

Signs on the day of the week

  • Monday. The beginning of the month on this day promises a lot of worries, troublesome affairs and little free time.
  • Tuesday. It's time to pitch in update: no matter whether plans, habits, change of partner or place of work. Everything will turn out, and the purchased new things will serve for a long time and faithfully.
  • Wednesday. You need to be on your guard, because you are waiting meanness from the side of a close or cap acquaintance, and even things: the sole that has come off the boot is not meanness?
  • Thursday. The beginnings of this day foreshadow guests.
  • Friday. Signs promise newsand it is not clear, pleasant or bad.
  • Saturday. Predicts good luck in business. All you have at its best!
  • Sunday. Omens speak of joy, happiness and wellness.

Signs by time of day

  • If the monthly began in the morning, you expect love, good relationships with a partner and other good luck in romance and family relationships.
  • Menstruation overtook the day - to joy. The whole next month will throw you up for fun.
  • Evening - on the contrary, to a bad mood, boredom, despondency and trouble.
  • The beginnings of the monthly foretell separation and loneliness. This is often a good sign: one is much better than with some partners.

Our grandparents saw a strange woman, "not so" all year round, and only when her female nature showed itself
bright, as during menstruation or childbirth, alertness increased tenfold.

The woman in the “red days of the calendar” did not allow many jobs, fearing, of course, not for women's health (she didn’t care for anyone, pregnant women, for example, worked in the field until the very birth, there they also gave birth sometimes), but for valuable resources, which supposedly can spoil.

So, what is a woman from the point of view of long-standing beliefs can not be done from the beginning to the end of menstruation?

  1. Attend church and take communion. This is from the same opera, that "they are not allowed without a handkerchief" and "the Bible says that women in the church should be silent." If the prohibition to enter the temple can still be explained by the fact that it is unacceptable to shed blood inside, then the rule to refrain from the sacrament in the days of "female impurity" is a direct admission that everyone is equal before God, but not quite.
  2. Look at nudity. The sign says that the one whom the menstruating woman sees naked will get skin diseases. Bathing your own children also falls under this rule.
  3. Cutting the cattle and poultry. Otherwise, according to accept, the blood will go a whole month.
  4. Water the vegetables and collect the fruit. Cucumbers allegedly turned yellow and rotted, the fruit was spoiled. "Unclean" woman sought to remove from any deal with food.
  5. Cook, knead the dough and bake bread, and also to be close to the barrels where the wine ferments, sour cabbage sour and vinegar is stored. And again - away from food.