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Lapels at home and their consequences - how to do no harm?


To which only desperate women and girls are not capable, in order to return a departed husband or to seize the attention of a loved one! And the appeal to the help of magic in this case is one of the most common methods. The most popular are the bewitching and turning rituals. In this article I want to dwell on the latter.

Turn-ups in home practice

Let me explain why I decided to devote this material to cuffs made by women themselves. Applying the turnout rituals, many women and girls do not even know what they are associated with. Surely, many people act according to the following principle: she found a “recipe” on the Internet, prepared everything necessary, carried out some simple actions, read the plot and everything — you can wait for your beloved man to be there very soon. In reality, all this is far from being as simple as it seems at first glance. Home lapel lover from a rival harbors a lot of pitfalls, about which most women and young ladies do not even suspect. That's just about them will be discussed below.

High-quality and effective lapel can be performed only by real professionals. To any kind of magical effect, you need to have a strong energy. And what do we have in this case?

Take the classic example:

The husband left the woman, or rather, his rival stole him. The man has forgotten about his family, his once beloved wife and children, he has plunged into a new relationship with his head. Naturally, the wife is very painful, bitter and offensive from this, and she decides to independently conduct the turning ceremony. And, everything seems to have been done according to the instructions, however, it’s not enough that there was no result, it also began to have trouble in the life of the cuff, her health deteriorated or something else - in general, the black band started.

People who have at least a little idea of ​​magic, will immediately say that the lapel held a rollback, and will be right.

But why did this happen? The whole secret is that the energy of the performer was only enough to force the ritual to act against herself. The energetics of the separated girl turned out to be much stronger, since she was initially able to lead her husband out of the family.

Remember that husbands do not leave strong women!

If it did happen, it should be recognized that the opponent has a more powerful potential and does not take it on its own to perform the turnout rite. Entrust this to the master of magic, and the desired effect will not keep you waiting long.

The home lapel will be obtained only by those who know the basics of magic, have a strong personality, are capable of controlling everything and everyone, and without fail - of self-control. If you want to carry out a lapel yourself - work on yourself, on your thoughts and feelings, study all the subtleties of the profession of the magician and by all means take care of protection before performing the ritual in order to protect yourself and your loved ones as much as possible from the negative consequences.

Negative effects of a cuff

In the case of an impulsive appeal to the cuffs, dictated by emotions and feelings, the probability of negative consequences from the ritual is multiplied. Most often, they manifest themselves in that:

  • the performer of the ceremony and his victim start having health problems: immunity weakens, chronic illnesses are aggravated, new diseases develop. If a black rite was done, the problems could affect the opponent (the rival). Particularly dangerous cuffs with blood;
  • the nature of the victim changes dramatically: a person changes beyond recognition, irritability, irascibility and aggressiveness become defining personality traits, sometimes it comes to the assault on a performer of a ritual;
  • psychological problems develop: a person becomes pessimistic, apathetic, insecure in himself and in the future, depressions arise, suicidal tendencies appear;
  • mental problems may begin: madness;
  • Genital function suffers: impotence, frigidity, sterility;
  • lapel wraps in a family curse - the rarest, most terrible and dangerous consequence that will affect the descendants.
  • there is an addiction to addiction: alcoholism, drug addiction.

I hope you now understand that a cuff is not a harmless device, which allows you to quickly get what you want. It is necessary to treat the ceremony with all seriousness and to be very careful when resorting to magical assistance, and especially not to try to do it yourself if there is even the slightest doubt in your abilities.

The positive effects of the cuff

Do not forget about the positive influence of the turnout ritual (especially if it is made by a master of his craft).

A well-made lapel guarantees the change of the defended man to the opponent. In place of love, complete indifference will come, and often hostility, anger and hatred (at least from the man’s side - for sure). The flap contributes to the breakdown of the energy ties between a man and a runt.

If the object of the lapel is a man, against whom a love spell on blood was previously performed, then the ritual will help to suppress its abnormal dependence on the bewitched woman.

Any turn can have consequences, and they will be very different. If, as a result of a cuff, a happy and strong family collapses, the ritual performer will certainly await punishment, and it is not yet known how terrible it may be. It is not for nothing that the proverbial wisdom tells us that it is impossible to build happiness at the cost of someone else’s grief. And therefore I do not advise you to endanger your life and well-being. If the lapel is essential - ask for better help from the master.

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