Dream interpretation

5 lunar day: the influence and transformation of these days


5 lunar day in its energy is filled with activity, his element - the Earth. Of the lucky minerals of this day they call: turquoise, pink chalcedony and marble. Good colors: various shades of blue, aqua, azure. Symbols of the fifth day: Unicorn, Boar that digs the ground, Lampada, filled with oil. The angel of the day is Usavel.

General characteristics of the 5 lunar day

The fifth day of the lunar cycle is a definite turning point. Why is that? Because now there is a realization in the life of all that was conceived in the previous lunar day. And you can no longer simply think about the result of your efforts, but see it clearly, touch it with your own hands.

There is a spiritual transformation of man. His thoughts change, which prepares for changes to the external plan. Pay your attention to the fact that now all mental images, even minor ones, can become a reality. Therefore, take control of your mind in order to avoid harm for yourself and for other people.

Unicorn (symbol of 5 days) - a mythical creature. He is faithful, sincere, but principled. Ancient legends say that you can meet a unicorn, but only against the background of significant life events. Then he will help by giving a hint how to act correctly.

On the fifth lunar day, all people feel a change, even unconsciously. You may be afraid of change. But think about the fact that sometimes they are vital and without them you will not become what you should become. Recall, for example, the amazing transformation of a pupa into a butterfly. So stop worrying about any changes.

In addition, all your previous actions will affect your reincarnation. And if before that you were taking a course for the best, you were improving yourself, now you will get the corresponding result. Similarly, and vice versa.

Our essence is formed by several radically different parts. So on the fifth lunar day, your task will be to integrate all the separate particles into one whole and send them to joint interaction.

Main recommendation 5 days: control your thoughts.

Love, relationship, marriage

Today, you can combine yourself with the bonds of Hymen, but remember that then you will secure many changes in your family life. They can affect financial issues (you will constantly move, move from one job to another, and so on), as well as spiritual (new ways to get to know yourself, spiritual practices, etc.).

Also deciding now to marry, be prepared for frequent travels. If you are a hardened homebody, you are not interested in wanderings and foreign countries - this option will not suit you for sure.


The 5th lunar day characterizes the day about difficult alchemical processes in the body. It is necessary to concentrate more on the internal than on the external. It is shown to work out their tendons, energy centers and practice muscle strain.

Thanks to such exercises, you will go through the inner transformation much faster, as now changes are observed even at the deepest cellular level. There is a change in the vibration characteristics of the biofield.

The transformation will affect all those who are now passively inactive. Of course, in this case, it will be negative and lead to the destruction of your body. No wonder the people invented a very wise saying: "When you do not go forward, you go back."

Business work money

Businessmen should attend to the 5th day of the lunar calendar with cardinal changes. For example, it is shown to relocate furniture, change the concept of your business, move to a new office building, and so on. Anything new that is meant to improve the current state of affairs will bring a particularly positive result.

In addition, the stars recommend today to do repair work, update equipment, change the policy of communication with subordinates, as well as the general material and economic base of business.

Haircut, coloring, manicure

With regards to questions of beauty guidance, on 5 lunar days you can and even need to cut your hair. Thanks to this, you can improve your financial situation, as well as get rid of unnecessary emotions. Today the moon is in the growth phase, which additionally activates the growth of new hairs.

Sign up for a master as well for the coloring procedure - it will allow you to improve the scope of business contacts and connections, to gain favor with your employees.

Manicure and pedicure procedures are also not prohibited.


In the dreams, which are dreamed on the fifth day of the cycle, you will be able to track your internal changes. If we carefully interpret the images from dreams, it is realistic to find internal blocks that violate the flow of transformational energy.

Simply put, you can identify and begin to remove the obstacles that prevent you from living a fuller and happier life. Therefore, it is definitely worth perplexing with your dreams.

Ritual for 5 lunar day

The practice of cleansing food is shown.

Reading a prayer before sitting down at a table helps protect oneself from negativity and tune in to receive useful energy from food.

On the fifth lunar day, refer to the next ritual that will help you free yourself from the emotional burden of food.

How to do it?

  1. Before you sit down at the table, stop for a moment and formulate a mental message: so that the absorbed food goes solely to nourishing your physical shell.
  2. Using the tips of the fingers of your main hand, touch your heart, then perform a shaking gesture over the plate. At this time, think about the fact that this food brings you only benefits.

Thanks to this very easy, but powerful rite, you fix the intention in your brain to sit at the table only when you are really hungry.

For the gardener and the gardener

What should you do now in the garden?

  • soil preparation for planting;
  • by sowing seeds, planting seedlings (the exception is only shrubs and trees);
  • rooting of trees and bushes;
  • weed control;
  • soil cultivation.

Simultaneous irrigation and fertilization of the soil will be of particular benefit.

Also, the 5th day of the lunar cycle is successful in order to conduct cuttings, pinching or grafting plants. Increasing energy in nature gives them maximum strength. Therefore, all of the above actions will be very successful.


We conclude that the 5th lunar day is a very difficult time, now it is better to abandon idleness and passivity. Above, there are chances to change your life for the better, to realize your real personality and what you most need for complete happiness. It is important not to neglect them, but to use for your own good.

Also now, every person can be compared with a washcloth that absorbs both positive and negative. If, however, to work hard on yourself, get rid of all the negative trends and bad thoughts - only positive events will occur today. Plus, it’s really a good foundation for the next lunar month.

What you need to do on the fifth day of the cycle? To take care of your close associates, to accept all the changes of the day with a smile - then you will certainly receive a smile of Fortune in return.

Do not forget to also gratefully turn to the mystical Moon, whose strength gave us such an amazing and interesting day. If it is warm outside now, it would be nice to go to nature in the evening, where you can stand on your bare feet on the ground and stand for some time, filled with the energy of moonlight.

In conclusion, I propose to get even more information from the thematic video: