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Icons of the Mother of God: the most popular options


The Virgin Mary is a central figure in Christian religious teaching. There are a very large number of faces of the Holy Virgin, each of which has its own amazing stories of healing from diseases, as well as helping people in many vital issues. In this article, I suggest you consider all the famous icons of the Mother of God.

Which icon of the Virgin is better to seek help?

Many people, overcome by difficult pathologies and wanting to improve their situation, are lost in conjecture, which icon of the Mother of God is best to ask for help?

Pay attention that the clergy do not get tired to repeat: “It doesn’t play any role at all, to what specific image you will offer your prayers. The most important thing is for your requests to be sincere, to come from a pure heart” the case was not intended to harm anyone. In such cases, no icon will help you. "

And for the rest, remember that you express your prayers and reverence not for a specific icon, but for the holy face that is depicted on it. These are completely different things.

What is faith is the result

But the story also tells such wonderful stories, when the Virgin Mary herself was suffering (in a state of sleep or reality) and pointed out which of her icons should be addressed in order to get rid of the pathology. The Virgin also told in which city and temple this image is located.

People passionately dreaming about healing, went to the indicated place, found an image about which the Holy One told them, offered their prayers to them and their illness immediately or gradually left the body.

According to numerous reports, the help from the Virgin was received by very many who needed it. The documented stories of magical healings tell about this.

Further in the article, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular images of the Mother of God, which provides detailed information about the miraculous properties of each of them.

I also recommend that you refer to the icons of the Virgin Mary on the dates of celebration. It is likely that on the day of your birth, one of the images of the Holy One is celebrated.

Believers say that the ascension of prayers and a special respectful attitude towards “your” face (that is, the one that coincides with your date of birth or the next day after it) allows you to receive Divine help in various problem situations of life.

The most popular icons of the Virgin: photos and names and values

Seven-arrow icon

It has an incredibly powerful force. During her lifetime, the Holy Virgin Mary was forced to face many sufferings - the symbol of this is the 7 arrows depicted on the icon.

Usually people go to the icon of Semistrelnoy, when they do not feel very well.

Lick will help you in these areas:

  • protect the home from enemies and the negative influence of evil spirits;
  • will lead the misfortunes of the tenth way;
  • save you from envy, curses, defacement, the evil eye (if you carry a mini-icon all the time with you on your body);
  • contributes to the reconciliation of those who quarreled;
  • attracts peace and harmony to the house;
  • allows you to successfully cope with various difficult tasks;
  • the icon placed on the desktop will save from conflict situations at work with the boss and other employees;
  • sincere prayer to the person refreshes the heart and fills it with good intentions.

In the dwelling, the Seven-way image should be placed opposite the entrance in such a way that the icon “looks” into the eyes of the one who enters the house. Please note that after this unfriendly-minded person to you will not be able to get inside.

Inexhaustible Bowl

The Mother of God is able to comfort, pray for the one who stumbled on the path of life, as well as motivate to remember about eternal life.

The image of the "Inexhaustible Chalice" will provide its assistance to anyone who sincerely asks her about her. The main meaning of the face is precisely in receiving heavenly help and mercy.

Appeal to the face in the following cases:

  • wanting to be healed from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling;
  • those who need to solve housing issues (facilitates the purchase and sale of real estate);
  • Parents who release their children into adulthood should always turn to this icon for help in order to protect their children from all evil.

Icon "Healer"

It helps to get rid of pathologies of the body and soul. A characteristic feature of this shrine is that the Mother of God stands on it next to the bed of a sick person.

Icon "Unexpected Joy"

In fact, the whole life of a person is formed by small joys, to which we often do not attach due importance. We so often do not show worthy gratitude to the Lord and our loved ones for all that we have.

And when the ability to enjoy your life is lost, its every day - dreams no longer reach the Almighty and, therefore, are not fulfilled.

What can you ask for the image of "Unexpected Joy"?

  • about gaining true spiritual power;
  • about the fulfillment of their innermost desires;
  • appeal to the icon for forgiveness, repentance;
  • the face will help to eliminate various ailments (in particular, restores hearing, heals the ear pathologies);
  • using the icon, they seek and find those who are missing;
  • women in an interesting position face contributes to a safe pregnancy;
  • even the image guides the true misguided children on the way;
  • contributes to conflict resolution, allows you to find the right solution;
  • they also ask the shrine to preserve their marriage, turn for love and consent.


With the help of this miraculous face actually heal the diseases of the upper extremities. Also, the prayers of the icon will save from fires, various pathologies, sadness and despondency.

Quick listener

The icon was written in the 10th century. It is customary to turn to it in cases when they need very fast, urgent assistance. Then you should kneel down and express your petition in prayer.

What else can you ask for a face?

  • eliminate mental pathology;
  • rid of oncology;
  • heal paralysis, blindness;
  • contribute to the conception of healthy children;
  • release those who are forced to be imprisoned.

Vladimir Mother of God

An ancient tradition says that this shrine was created by the apostle and evangelist Luke. At the same time they say that when the icon was completely written, Luke demonstrated his creation to the assessment of the Holy Virgin herself, and she gave him a blessing.

On the image, we can observe the Virgin Mary, who with the help of the right limb holds the baby Jesus, and with the left she gently touches the robe of Christ. The little Savior gently embraces his mother.

The icon has a miraculous power. So it was used during the decree of the Russian metropolitans and patriarchs. Then she received the status of "the main domestic shrine."

The main directions of the icon: to protect from enemy attacks, to obtain the unity of faith, to reconcile the conflicting.

Burning bush

She was asked for help a long time ago.

When will she help a person?

  • protect the home from fire;
  • help doctors, military, fire, pilots;
  • the miraculous flame of the icon will heal any mental and physical ailments.

Iveron Icon of the Virgin

You can meet other names of this icon: Goalkeeper or Gatekeeper. They are due to the fact that this shrine was repeatedly found in the icon case above the entrance to the church, from where it was no longer resolved to be removed.

Later, at the place where they found the icon, they built a temple in which now you can find it.

It is not difficult to distinguish this shrine from other images of the Virgin Mary - on her right cheek of the Virgin Mary exudes a wound with blood. This is the only way to identify the face, because the rest of the plot remains traditional and unchanged.

The Iveron Mother of God is asked to eliminate troubles from a person’s life, protect him from fire, and ensure a good harvest.

Fadeless color

The icon is the personification of purity, innocence, so it protects the fair sex, allowing them to keep themselves in chastity.

Leeky pray to find their soul mate and combine it with legal bonds of marriage. And women already living married life, ask about family happiness and well-being.


  • With this wonderful image you will maintain a state of inner purity, endurance and beautiful character.
  • For young girls, this icon allows you to find worthy companions of life.
  • And if an adult lady faces serious life difficulties or is on the verge of a nervous breakdown - you should kneel before the icon, from the bottom of your heart ask her to help you and then your situation will improve.

Kazan icon

Also known by the name of Kazan Protector.

  • The icon will give its help to anyone who is in trouble, will face difficulties at work or in love.
  • Wonder which of the solutions is more correct.
  • Protect against errors
  • When a young couple gets married, they are also blessed with this icon.

How to ask a lik to help you?

Morning hours are most suitable for prayers.

Before contacting the Holy One for help, one should wash, cross his arms, and also get rid of any annoying thoughts.

Candles are lit, you kneel, read a prayer. Then you pronounce what you want to ask. At the same time, do not try to memorize the text of the prayer - it will be much more effective to ask in your own words, but from the heart.

Ostrobramsky face of the Virgin

This shrine is quite rare, but it has an incredibly large power.

Its mystical properties include the following:

  • protection of the home from evil forces, negative influence from the outside;
  • bringing happiness and love into the married life;
  • getting rid of depression, sadness.

Face should be placed at the front door, so that it protects your home from all evil and bad people. Many people managed to achieve an easy and harmonious solution to their problems with the help of this shrine.

Icon "Unbreakable Wall"

This name of the face provided its durability and the ability to remain safe and sound, regardless of the impact of environmental factors. In particular, the image of the Virgin, which is located in the Kiev monastery, had to endure many blows of elements and military actions. The icon did not suffer.

Wonderful ability of the face allows you to contact him with requests for protection from any troubles, pathologies and misfortunes. In addition, the "Indestructible Wall" will contribute to the diversion of fires from your home, bad people, will strengthen the family hearth.

It is better to express your prayers to the person, standing at the front door, being alone with yourself. The most suitable place in the house for the location of the face - the wall opposite the entrance to the house.

Icon "Grieving"

Also included in the list of the most popular images of the Mother of God.

The icon provides such assistance to people:

  • attracts the good in the lives of those who need them;
  • allows you to be consoled from sorrows;
  • makes it easier to live difficult life moments;
  • promotes healing from physical and mental pathologies;
  • provides protection on long journeys;
  • helps in career and personal life.

Icon "Joy of all joys"

The miraculous image of St. Mary will come to the rescue for everyone who does not have anger in his heart and always pray sincerely, "from the heart."

"The joy of all joys" also has such mystical abilities:

  • returns lost items;
  • saves from slander and slander;
  • frees prisoners;
  • contributes to the successful completion of court cases;
  • assists in moving to a foreign country;
  • It will be useful to protect all those who are serving in hot spots.

Icon "All-merciful Panachranta"

Translated into Greek, the name of the face means "All-Immaculate." This is the image of the Virgin, on which is written the Mother of God sitting on the royal throne. Baby Jesus Christ is sitting on her lap.

In this context, the throne is the personification of the power of the Holy Mother of God - ideal against the background of all sinful people. Icon type - Protecting.

In various sources, Panachranta is also called the All-Ceremony, Economisa, Housebuilder, Sovereign. For the first time about her begin to mention in the 17th century.

There is one very famous case in history, also dated to the 17th century. It happened on Mount Athos. Once a guy came up to the face of the Virgin Mary and began to utter some kind of gibberish. The icon flashed at the same time, like lightning, and some great power threw the guy away.

Waking up, he went to confess to the priest and repented of practicing magic. But with the help of the miraculous power of the face of the All-Tsaritsa, he revised his life, decided to change it, and headed for the right path.

In such an amazing way, Panakhranta was able to save a lost soul from death.

What will the icon help?

  1. According to numerous stories, the face saves patients suffering from oncology. Therefore, the main appeal to the icon is healing for cancer.
  2. Another "specialization" of the image is help in obtaining housing and arranging household chores.
  3. You can ask the icon to strengthen your country, bring peace into it, save it from military conflicts, and also protect it from enemy attacks.

The date, when it is shown to bow before the images of the All-Lady, is the thirty-first of August.

Protector Icon

In a different way is called Agiosoritissa. Refers to the type of icon painting of the Virgin, which does not depict her Holy Son - Baby Jesus.

And they called the icon this way because on it the Holy Virgin addresses the Almighty with a petition for all mankind. On the face, the Virgin Mary is written in a reversed position, she raises her hands to heaven. There are options for icons on which the Virgin is depicted in full growth and holding a scroll with her hands.

What are the main mystical properties of this face?

1. The most basic area of ​​influence of the image is a marvelous defense against enemy attacks.

2. There is also enough information about amazing healings using the image. For example, once the Byzantine youth Vincent became very bad, he turned to the image of the Protector in prayer. Regularly offering the sincere prayers of the Mother of God, he still managed to heal from the end.

3. In addition, you can pray in front of the Icon of the Intercessor to appease the conflicting ones, once and for all, ending their enmity.

4. There is also an opinion that many icons of Agiosoritiss promote healing from severe infectious pathologies, chills, convulsions, relaxation, movement disorders, and others.

The date when the Mother of God is remembered before this icon falls on July 1st.

At the end of the topic

A number of conclusions suggest themselves:

  • There are a very large number of images of the Mother of God, each of which has its own characteristic amazing properties.
  • You should not worry too much about which of the Holy faces to pray for - the main thing is not the image itself, but your pure and sincere prayer, coming from an open heart.
  • In exceptional cases, the Virgin Mary herself indicates to especially righteous people which of her icons they should best turn to: she gives them a hint in a dream or a reality.

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