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When Spyridon Trimifunts helps - texts of prayers


My spouse and I both work, but nevertheless, we have been strolling through rented apartments for more than ten years. Because of this, they almost remained childless. Fortunately, the Lord advised not to postpone the birth of the baby for later and sent us two little angels - there was enough money for life, even though I had to earn extra money on maternity leave.

without registration of children, it was difficult to take children to kindergarten and school, and indeed, how was it - both of them went far beyond thirty, and we were all in foreign corners? They began to increasingly seek God's help, asking the Almighty to help with housing. And the long-awaited keys were in our hands! But only after the famous slippers of St. Spyridon were brought to our church. Surprisingly, the fact is that the prayer near this shrine (not for personal gain, but for family and children) turned out to be the strongest!

Brief acquaintance with the life of this saint

Bishop Spiridon was such a zealous defender of the faith that people recognized his holiness even for his life.

He was born in Cyprus, at the end of the 3rd century AD. Spiridon's father was a shepherd, albeit a very wealthy one. On the icons, the saint is depicted in a wicker hat for a reason - it was in such a headdress that shepherds walked at that time.

As a young man, Spiridon was quiet, thoughtful, often came to the aid of the poor, helping them with money, and willingly let the homeless or wanderers to his place to sleep.

He was married and managed to become a father. But when Spiridon’s beloved wife died, he decided to renounce this world: he distributed all his possessions to the poor, devoted himself to the Lord, and went wandering around the world helping people. In time, he became the Trimifunts bishop.

As a bishop, he visited the famous Nicene Council, where Nicholas of Myralik was present (Saint Nicholas the Convict).

A more detailed life of the patron saint of the Mediterranean - in this video:

Where are the relics of the saint?

Spiridon introduced himself in Greece, on the island of Corfu. There his body remained. If today we measure the temperature of the relics, you will see 36.6 on the thermometer!

Every year, clergymen change his clothes. It has long been observed that every time the slippers are worn out. Probably, this is a sign that after his death the saint "travels" around the world, helping the faithful, including you and me. And sometimes the cancer with the relics does not open - the priests say that the saint is absent there at these moments.

Spiridon shoes are sent to all corners of the world.

Not so long ago, the relics of the righteous were brought to Russia. Many people gathered to worship them, soon told about the miracles that happened in their lives after that.

Part of the relics of priest Spiridon is stored in Russia permanently. They can be worshiped in the metropolitan church of the "Resurrection of the Slaver in the Assumption Vradek".

Lifetime wonders of St. Spyridon

  • He healed the sick, chasing away a very heavy ailment. Several times he even managed to revive the dead.
  • He cast out demons, healing a soul that was maimed by bad deeds.
  • Spiridon could also pacify the bad weather, so they started talking about him as about the master of the elements. For example, having gone to rescue a comrade from prison, he pacified a swirling river (it was Jordan), and she parted before the righteous.

  • One day he came to a place in which the poor man suffered from hunger. Spiridon turned a snake crawling in the garden by the fence into gold. Because of this, the poor man was able to buy wheat.
  • Wanting to prove the power of the Holy Trinity at the Nicene Cathedral (in a public dispute with a fan of the Arian faith), he squeezed a brick, and clay, water and fire were in the hands of the saint. This story was the main when creating many icons Spiridon Trimyfuntskogo.

Who and how he helps in our days

The official portal of the ROC "Orthodoxy Ru" collects stories of believers who prayed to Spiridon Trimifuntsky with a specific request, and it was carried out. On this site there are a lot of such responses.

People write that the saint helped them:

  • rent a good home for a reasonable price;
  • pay bank debts for housing (and the bank itself wrote off a large amount of the loan);
  • settle accounts with creditors;
  • find the missing documents, valuables and even money (and they disappeared in a public place);
  • get housing from the state or service;
  • move into an apartment in the "long-term construction", in a house, the delivery of which was delayed for several painful years;
  • find a part-time job;
  • find a job - first a temporary one, and then a permanent one;
  • cure addict for psychosis.

On the amazing saint repeatedly told in the Russian news services. Here, for example, is a video about the arrival of the relics of Spyridon Trimifuntsky (Spas television channel):

What is asked of the saint

First of all, people who have fallen into financial difficulty pray to him: Spiridon can help him find or profitably change jobs, improve incomes.

Homeless people are asking for a home. Of course, after such a prayer, the house “does not fall on anyone”, but people actually find money for the first installment in the bank. In addition, Spiridon is asked to patronize those who want to buy a car, or sell, rent real estate and other large property.

Sometimes the saint is asked to help solve a complex legal issue. Say, they pray to the saint before the court - he helped his falsely accused comrade to avoid execution!

He can pray for health - since he healed people, being on earth, he can do it, and being near the throne of the Lord.

And finally, Spiridon should pray in moments of spiritual turmoil, when you feel that you are overcome by demons of pride, greed, anger. The saint will help get rid of them and heal happily.

What words should refer to the icon

This prayer is read, asking for work. In addition, it is considered the most popular and strong. Batyushka recommended her to read for all occasions when difficult times come. Pray daily until your problem is resolved. It is ideal to do this in the evening, although you can pray during the day, in the morning, and even at night.

The following text is a prayer for money. She is remembered when she has a job, but she is underpaid, and you are planning to go to the authorities for a promotion. But to read it, asking for winnings in a lottery or a rich inheritance from a deceased foreign grandmother who died suddenly, is not worth it.

Well, you can still pray for good trading, because you are not asking for manna from heaven - you want to sell a good product, that is, to earn money honestly. Only after the prayers do not even think to hang up or deceive the buyer, Father Spiridon does not respect such merchants!

Some people believe that the second will help strengthen the effect of this prayer, but not to Spiridon, but to Nicholas the Convenient. It is read after Spiridon, asking for money or good trades.

And finally, the words that helped us personally - a prayer for their own housing.

Important! When you get what you ask for, do not forget to thank the saint. More beautiful verbal thanks Spiridon will like a small kind deed - buy something tasty for a poor retired neighbor, donate money to a well-known charitable foundation (it can even be 10 rubles, it’s known that if someone for treatment 1000 people will skimp on the top ten, the patient will have as many as ten thousand).

Church memorial

Spyridon's father in the church is commemorated on December 25 (and if in the old style, on December 12; as for the Catholics, they recall Spyridon Trimyfuntsky on December 14).

This date is interesting because the frost is cracking on this day, but the sun "turns around for the summer", that is, the day is getting longer. Yes, that is why December 25th is called the Solstice.

Our ancestors noticed the weather in the morning on this day. If it is overcast, waiting for a warm Christmas time. If it is sunny, they said: At Christmas time, severe frosts will strike.

Believers on this day did not burden themselves with hard work. The superstitious ones were guessing at a cut cherry branch: they brought it into the house and put it in the water. It dries up - this is a bad harvest, and it will bloom - to a good one (and the more flowers open on the branch, the stronger the barns will be filled next autumn).


  • Saint Spyridonushka, also known as Spyridon Trimyfuntsky, is a bishop living 18 centuries ago in the territory of Greece. He is known not only for the mass of good and godly deeds, but also for his miraculous contribution to the formation of the Christian faith.
  • The prayer to Spiridon will be the strongest if you read it, bowing to the relics of the saint. They are kept in Greece, but sometimes they are brought to Russian churches, and in one of them (Moscow), a particle of relics is kept permanently. Slippers of Saint Spiridon also has a great power - this is on the territory of Russia and in Ukraine.
  • This saint is most often addressed on mercantile matters - asking for help in finding a job, earning money, or purchasing a home. It is better to learn special prayers, but if you are unable to do it, speak as is, in ordinary words, the main thing is with faith and respect.

If you study the life of this saint with your child (family), it’s better to include this video here. In it they will tell about Spiridonushka in a more understandable language for children, also with pictures: